It has taken a lot of time to piece it all together but have now proved that WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, men are treated completely differently to women in society.

It goes further. Television adverts, television programmes, films, the Police and society in general treat men much worse than the treat women.

I would not have been treated the way that I was by the Police and if I had been Verity, my story would not have been believed but because she is a girl/young woman, it was all taken as gospel.

Furthermore, if Verity had been a man, once the case was proven to be false, the Police would have arrested me for wasting police time, at the very least, if the Police had paid any attention to it in the first place, which I doubt very much; they would have ignored Verity if she had been a man

There have been a number of cases in the UK where, like me, men have proved their innocence but that is small comfort. Like me, their lives are destroyed and they are alienated by everyone in society. BUT NOTHING HAPPENS TO THE WOMEN WHO HAVE PUT FORWARD THESE FALSE ABUSED CLAIMS.

Just look at that woman who a while ago swore an oath in the US that a senator had abused her. It was proved to be complete rubbish but did anything happen to that woman who had lied under oath? i doubt it very much.

It would seem and this is not just my opinion as their are hard facts that women can accuse whomever they want to with impunity. 

This goes much further as this attitude towards men has infected every single bit of society like a deadly virus; divorce cases, just about every area of the so called justice system, the Police, producers of adverts, television dramas of all hues and by film producers.

Craig Mclaughlan would never have been treated the way he has been, if he had been a woman. In fact the Australian Broadcast Company and the producers of The Blake Mysteries would never have even thought up the underhand way to get rid of the character.

By their own admission and by their action, they have now displaced a man with a woman and have destroyed a male actor, singer, producer and musician who has an impeccable reputation purely to increase their viewing figures and that of course equates to more money.

ABC in Australia, the media around the world and the Police in most countries including the UK and Australia have been exposed for what they are; sexual discriminators of men.

Just look at Murdoch Mysteries, who insert women and pretty girls in as many episodes as possible, purely to titillate the audience and get more viewers and more profits.

Just look at the Heart Guy/Doctor Doctor, where if the character Hugh, had been a woman, she/he would not have been portrayed as someone who wanted to get her end away all of the time, was portrayed as a fool and where women would not have been described as having small vaginas.

The list goes on and on

If Craig Mclaughlan’s lawyers are up to the task, then his case is not just about him but is an investigation of all manner of attitudes of society of men as opposed to women.

Of course, Craig wants to be fully cleared and awarded what he is due (I can imagine what he is going through as I have experienced similar) but it goes far far further than just him and if there are some enlightened people in the justice system, then this may be the start of rebalancing society. If it starts in Canada and the producers start to write decent balance episodes and in Australia where Craig is not only cleared of all charges and is awarded his compensation, then maybe we are heading for a better world.

It is very long overdue

As my daughter said to me when talking about her choice of family law as a career, I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

If Verity goes against this and does nothing, then she is going against everything that she believes in or once believed

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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