Response from the Institute of Chartered Accountants

I have very quickly received a response from them, advising me that my father is no longer a member of the institute.

The institute are aware of my blog and have not given me permission to reproduce their letter and so I will not.

But what I am allowed to do is to reproduce the email that I have just sent to my father, reminding him of his obligations. I am unsure as to when he ceased to be a member but have received letterheads with FCA after his name until very recently.

I am quite sure that he has been fudging it for years; that would be typical of my father, as he has broken every other rule in the book

Here is the email:

David Hender
Fri 24/05/2019 17:57
  • Bill Hender
I have complained about you to the Institute of Chartered Accountants.
I received a letter today advising me that you are no longer a member. Therefore:
  • You cannot put FCA after your name on anything
  • You cannot refer to yourself as a Chartered Accountant, even on Companies House documents or to anyone
  • You cannot sign off any accounts or tax returns where you refer to yourself as a Chartered Accountant
  • Without being a member of the institute, you are merely an accountant and nothing more
You must therefore amend your letterhead and any documents at Companies House that refer to your occupation as a Chartered Accountant
If I find any records or documentation that refers to you as such, I will report you to the institute and they will take action against you.
I, like many of my colleagues, protect our reputations and our qualifications with great vigour. We will not have anyone sullying the name of the institute, especially you.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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