Since the dawn of humanity, there has never been no greater power than change

I have just watched one of the most powerful films that I have ever seen; I have watched it before and will watch it again.

It is a film called “Amistad”, a true story about African slaves, which ultimately led to the American civil war.

Although Spielberg took most of the credit, I believe that the credit should actually go to the writer, the historian Howard Jones. I doubt that he received what was really due to him, with Spielberg getting the lion’s share.

Thankfully, the type of slavery that was portrayed is now gone but human slavery still exists, all over the world but I suspect predominantly in the US.

Slavery of whatever kind comes down ultimately to one thing; GREED. If there was no greed, there would be no need for slavery. People who now keep so called maids or servants would not exist if there was no greed.

The “old” slavery was finally eradicated by enlightened men, mainly in the US and, as I said, it ended up with the American civil war, where the South just saw slaves as fodder and a great way of making money; and so, with a market, the slave traders spread to most parts of the world.

The UK banned slave trading a long time before the US and with not a single bullet fired but, even though North America knew that a war with the South would cause so many losses, they carried on and thankfully finally won.

There is only one lesson to learn from this. Change can sometimes be easy and painless  but if you have the will to change and have right on your side, you will carry it through, even if there is going to be great pain suffered.

That is the mark of a righteous person; man, woman or child. If what you see is wrong or wrong has been done to others for no apparent reason, then you must to everything in your power to try to change it, no matter the consequences to yourself or others.

I highly recommend the film as it will get you thinking. It reminds us that if we just think about ourselves and not worry about others, then the harm done to those who have done nothing wrong will be immeasurable. We should always be reminded of that but sadly, our society has become a very selfish world.

And great harm is being done to those who are innocent. Human trafficking, the onslaught of Israel into Palestine with the slow genocide of the Palestinians, the desire by Russia to not play by the rules and, of course, many other countries that do the same, including our own.

I have to ask myself this question


Change will only come when we all take a good look at ourselves and I am only talking about the way that we perceive and treat others, not the improvements in technology and medical science, as these do not harm.

I used to be full of life but after recent events, I no longer want to live on this earth, as all of this injustice just rips me apart. That is why that I have retreated into myself and into this horrible house that is no longer my home or sanctuary.

Are we too late to REALLY change?

If we are not, change will not happen overnight but will be gradual.


The only way that I can personally do this is via this blog and, if it gets some people thinking, then this has all been worthwhile.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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