Murdoch Mysteries – yet more female gender bias

Here we go again but I will carry on until there is change

In “Murdoch of the living dead”, the episode surrounds medical experiments by irresponsible doctors. ALL AND I MEAN ALL OF THOSE EXPERIMENTED IN WERE MEN

Yet again, it is the man who was the thug and wife beater but the child at the centre of it all was, surprise surprise, a little girl; it could have easily have been a boy but we all know why they chose a little girl; don’t we?

I have to say it makes me want to puke.

Yes, I get angry by watching Murdoch Mysteries but I will continue to do so and write about it and then maybe change may happen.

The Canadian producers are certainly taking notice 

Do not get me wrong; Murdoch Mysteries has a good format but until this gender biased is eradicated, I will carry on and on. Given my thousands of visitors, I wonder how any times, it has been tweeted or Facebooked, not that I have used either anymore for long time.

And in fear of labouring the point, in Murdochphobia, only one out of five of the patients under Dr Ogden’s care was a man.

I know that they are not alone; adverts and films do it all the time but they are fewer or even singular in number.

I will soon be doing a sort of chart exposing the worse female gender biased adverts and I already know who will be in the top three.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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