Letter to the Institute of Chartered Accountants seeking the striking off of my father, William Thomas Hender

I have finished for the day and have nearly finished the submissions to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and The Law Society. Copies of these will be published in separate posts on this blog. Here is the one that I completed over the weekend, relating to my father’s striking off from the Institute of Chartered Accountants, of which I am also a member. This letter went off this morning

D.J. Hender ACA

Telephone: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Email: David_hender@hotmail.co.uk


The Disciplinary Council

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales

18th May 2019

By email and letter


Dear Sir or Madam,

William Thomas Hender FCA



I wish to report my own father for bringing the reputation of the institute into disrepute.

I am more than aware that in such instances, institutions such as yours, one will attempt to whitewash the issue and will not take the matter seriously.

I would like to remind you that I have a blog, with thousands of visitors from around the world and that this letter will be published, in its entirety, on my blog with a full narrative accompanying it.

When I was training for my qualifications, we were reminded that even if we forgot to purchase a ticket for the train to work and were caught, a Disciplinary Council investigation would ensue that would lead to us being stuck off from the Institute.

My father has sadly done much worse than that, as he has been involved in or has organised the following:

  1. My father conspired with my daughter and others, for my daughter to falsely accuse me of sexually abusing her.
  2. I was arrested as a result and thrown into a Police van whilst my home was ransacked by the Police looking for evidence. No incriminating evidence was ever found.
  3. I was incarcerated in a police cell for 11 hours a and underwent a 2 hour interrogation from officers sent over from the mainland
  4. After being bailed, I spent the next 3 months, working nearly 24/7, finding evidence to prove my innocence
  5. A few days before my second bail hearing, I received a telephone call from the investigating detective, saying that given the evidence that I had produced, they were dropping the charges and dropping the case entirely
  6. My daughter’s mother, Samantha Parkinson, was bribed by my father
  7. My daughter, Verity Hender, was bribed by my father
  8. My father tried to bribe me to leave the country and to hand back my shares in the family company (letter enclosed/attached)
  9. My father was heavily involved in the management buyout from HSBC of Premium Credit Limited
  10. With Berwin Leighton Paisner, a scheme was designed that on the final sale of the new holding company, Vendrown Ltd, the proceeds attached to my father’s share was mainly to be rerouted to a non domiciled colleague, who set up a trust for the Hender Family children
  11. On the sale of Vendcrown Ltd to MBNA Ltd, approximately £15m was rerouted via this individual to the trust, then called Michael Cobb’s Settlement for William Hender’s children, now called The Hender Family Settlement
  12. Not a single penny of capital gains tax was paid on this £15m
  13. The remainder of the proceeds, amounting to £0.5m was settled directly into the trust by my father
  14. No capital gains tax was paid on this 0.5M
  15. Michael Cobb was the “pretend” settlor but in actual fact, it was my father
  16. My father controls the trust and the trustees, a subsidiary of Berwin Leighton Paisner; Paicolex Trust Management AG
  17. My father is the self appointed “UK representative of the trust” but makes all of the decisions with regard to the trust and its investments
  18. I discovered that my brother, the other beneficiary, was provided with loans without proper security
  19. I wrote to Lisa Mayhew, Manging Partner of Berwin Leighton Paisner, complaining about this breach of fiduciary and legal duty of one of the trust officers, Thomas Meier but I received no response. A few months later, he was dismissed although this was dressed up as a retirement
  20. Years before his dismissal, I prepared a highly detailed spreadsheet in order to calculate interest due on the loan that had been made to me by the trust. This was prepared in conjunction with the conveyancing solicitors, TWM Solicitors and Thomas Meier himself. He reviewed this, taking into account the signed loan agreement and emails that he had been copied in with from the solicitors and formally agreed by calculations.
  21. On his departure, a new trust officer was put in charge of the settlement; Clare Edwards, a UK Solicitor.
  22. Shortly after her appointment, balances with the trust/trust subsidiary were then called into question on my father’s instructions
  23. From the trust accounts, prepared by my father and sent to me by the trustees, I discovered that my brother had been paid an additional £545,000 over two years. Although it is a discretionary settlement, my father swore an oath during my divorce that “he treated both of his sons equally”
  24. My father has thus committed perjury
  25. I have borrowed money from the trust, at well above market rates
  26. The majority of the loan has been repaid but £188,000 remain
  27. For whatever reason, my father has instructed the trustees to now include other amounts in the loan from the trust’s subsidiary, Adriatic Sea Corporation Ltd, a BVI company, which was neither part of loan monies advanced or part of the loan agreement
  28. I believe that part of the unsecured monies due to my father by me, repayable on his death as a set off from my inheritance entitlement, have now been added to my bona fidei loan balance, due to Adriatic Sea Corporation, the investment subsidiary of the trust
  29. I have now been in disagreement with the trustees for a number of years
  30. Without authority from me, Paicolex Trust Management AG, the trustees of the now Hender Family Settlement, offset part of this erroneously inflated loan balance against my dividend entitlement for the year ended 5th April 2020 and will annually, for 14 years thereafter.
  31. As I have come to an impasse with the trustees, I have tried to contact Lisa Mayhew, the Managing Partner of Berwin Leighton Paisner, the trust company’s parent company and have set out my concerns to her more times than I can even approximate but have never received any response from her, save for one email of no consequence.
  32. I do not know what hold my father has over Berwin Leighton Paisner but they are willing to spend many hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost billing defending my father’s position through their subsidiary, Paicolex Trust Management AG
  33. I have sent emails to Gaby Kaiser, the head of professional Risk and if she does respond, her replies are either non sensicle or conflict with statements made in previous emails, again attempting to defend the position of my father
  34. At the start of his career, my father was working for Peat Marwick and was asked by one of their clients, Great Universal Stores, to visit an ailing company in which GUS had invested and “ sort it out”.
  35. My father recovered all of the money that GUS had invested, keeping the money in a suitcase under his bed and thus preferred GUS over other creditors. Although this was many years ago, my father should be struck off on this matter alone.
  36. My father is retired and whilst I cannot prove this, I am sure is claiming the retired accountants’ heavily reduced fee. I too asked for this but when I was asked the question if I was a director of ANY company and said “yes”, I was told that even though the company was not trading, the reduced fee would not apply to me.
  37. My father is a director of my brother’s company, Castle Combe Brewery Ltd and if he is claiming the reduced fee (which I expect he is), then he is defrauding the institute of significant monies due over many years

I have tried to set out succinctly as to why my father should be now barred from the institute and should be barred from including “FCA” after his name

He should be held to account by having to appear before the disciplinary council, be struck off and should be heavily fined as a result of his many demeanours.

As a result of his many actions, he has brought the reputation of the Institute, which I hold dear as I am a member, into disrepute

I am sure that you will agree with my assessment.

For your information, I will also be submitting similar letters to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and The Law Society, seeking the striking off of Lisa Mayhew, Gaby Kaiser, Clare Edwards and Ron Downhill, a former partner of Berwin Leighton Paisner and now consultant to the same, who has been the legal and tax advisor to the trustees, Paicolex Trust Management AG. Their individual and combined actions have brought the reputation of the Law Society into disrepute.

With kind regards,

Yours faithfully,


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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