Murdoch Mysteries have done it again – yet more gender bias

In the “Ghost of Queens Park”, a woman took revenge for the wrongful committal of her mother in an asylum. She did this by pretending to be a ghost.

She caused two deaths but because she had not touched the victims, she was not charged.

If she had not done what she did, those two men would have still been alive. Therefore she committed murder or at the very least, manslaughter but the writers, like so many times, decided that as she was a woman, nothing was going to happen to her.

This gender bias really makes me so very sick and the producers should be ashamed and exposed for their female gender bias, a bias that is a thread through so many of the episodes.

It goes further. Certain women, in episodes, are single parents. The husband generally either left because he was a drunk or an abuser.

All of this is to satisfy the morons who think that all of this is OK, with the end result being, yes you guessed it, MONEY.

And as for the release of Eva Pearce, when she first came onto the scene, she did not commit the murders but convinced the men to do it. Yes, that is conspiracy to murder but Murdoch Mysteries conveniently ignore that one. Of course, if it had been a man, the outcome would have been much different.

I know damn well that the producers of Murdoch Mysteries are viewing my comments, as I have had so many visitors from Canada and their visits are timed to coincide within a day of me posting anything about Murdoch Mysteries.

Yes, I keep mentioning this and I will keep on banging away about it until something changes for the better

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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