Love and respect

You would have thought that love is two ways; it is mostly but can also be just one way.

“A” can love “B” whereas “B” either does not love “A” or has no clue that he or she is loved.

I loved my mother and the love was reciprocated, whereas I love my father but he does not love me; regular readers know that I have proved that.

Similarly I love my daughter whereas her actions have shown that either she has never loved me or does not love me anymore, preferring to love material things and money instead.

I will take this further. I do not believe that Verity has ever loved Liesel, her late Nana or her late granddad Alan because, if she did, she would have respected what those lovely people taught her when she was young and would now live her life according to those sets of values.

Yes, Verity appeared to love Liesel when she was alive but her mother was sleeping around at the time and she needed a replacement mother; Liesel fitted the bill. If she had loved Liesel, she would have cried at her memorial service, as did me and her friends who wrote eulogies to Liesel but Verity did not shed a tear, not a single one.

Those tears on the stairs at Long Barn, crying out for her Liesy, was just an act to curry sympathy from me. That may seem harsh but I have no evidence to prove the contrary.

Verity clearly just loves herself and no one else; I fear for her partners in the future. After all, she unceremoniously dumped two boyfriends when I was seeing her regularly and it would seem that she has already dumped two girlfriends relatively recently as well, not that they show up anymore on Facebook.

Verity used her visits to Nepcote House, probably not really to see me, as I rarely saw her anyway but to fornicate with her boyfriends, away from the eyes of her mother. Verity just used me, as she seems to use and to have used just about everybody else.

She certainly follows after her mother but also her grandfather too.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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