Craig Mclaughlan was set up at least from the start of series 5, his last

I have just rewatched Craig’s last episode in Dr Blake’s Mysteries. As the title suggests, Craig was set up; they had already planned to ditch him when series 5 was being written, if not earlier and I am utterly convinced that the cast who have stayed on for the “Remake” knew the plans also.

The writers laid the ground with Dr Blake’s drinking and Craig acted the part as it was written but through series 5, it became clearer and clearer that plans were afoot to get rid of him.

If there is any doubt to this, just watch the last episode when Dr Blake was sacked. Clearly Craig acted out what had been written, expecting for his character’s career to be revived in the next series.

But neither the writers or the producers had any intention of bringing him into series 6, that is as plain as day. Maybe because Craig was so wrapped up in the part, he did not realise what was happening.

To kill him off in acting speak, they could not just ditch him so they hatched the plan for women to come out of the woodwork and accuse Craig of abusing them, which in these horrid gender biased times, would be the death knell for Craig.

The other cast, who will stay on, have to keep their mouths shut otherwise they too will be ditched. Australian Broadcasting Corporation could not afford any scandal and they knew that if they put the rumours out concerning the abuse, they would have the perfect opportunity to ditch Craig. They wanted to muddy the waters and so found him innocent of all claims; a clever tactic

All of the interviews that these so called abused women have given, were all planned and premeditated and that is all that ABC needed, to start the rumour mill. I bet if you delved into those women’s bank accounts, the bribes would show up as clear as day.

All who were involved with Craig’s removal should be ashamed of themselves and exposed for what they stand for.

Craig deserves every dollar that he has sued ABC for

Quite frankly, it is sickening that a television company can destroy a man’s livelihood and life for the sake of money and that fellow actors and actresses can conspire like this, just to further their careers 

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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