Women can be attractive without looking like tarts

Women in today’s society say that they can wear whatever they want; that is just sheer crap. 

Women are just being selfish and self centred

If they look like a tart, they are going to attract perverts and I am sorry to say, deserve everything that they get.

Women can be just as attractive if they dress demurely and do not just let everything hang out, mainly their boobs.

But women expect men to dress smartly otherwise they describe them as unattractive and not worthy of their interest. 

They too cannot have it both ways.

Yes, I am biased but my Liesel dressed in a way that was demure as does Kimberley Leonard, a Sky News reporter. I find them both very stunning. 

The exposing of “interesting” features is for the bedroom, not for the public forum.

Quite frankly, this all started off in Hollywood with actresses on the red carpet. Most if not all of their dresses showed just about everything. They were just prostituting themselves to aid their careers.

With everything showing, it is neither attractive or sexy. A man finds a woman to be sexy if nothing “interesting” is shown and certainly not if it is given on a plate.

Indeed my beautiful daughter also dresses demurely, even though she is of the age when it seems compulsory to reveal as much as possible.

All of the films and television series do not help, as women identify with what they see on television or in films.

I am certainly not a prude and I do find attributes given on a plate as neither sexy or attractive.

Take Liz Hurley; “THAT DRESS” was purely worn to advance her career; she looked like a prostitute and a slut

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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