Any film or TV programme needs to make common sense

Let us start with Rush, the Aussie series that has now finished. The latest episodes are quite good but there has always been a problem. They chase after people who them jump into cars or onto bikes but they do not even shoot the tyres to stop the vehicle. It is purely done to draw out the episode because the writers just have no ideas.

Anyone with common sense, who was chasing a vehicle and had a gun would just shoot at the tyres but in all of the episodes that I have watched, they have never done that. Just pure lazy writing

I am watching an old film  where they tried to harniss the energy from the core of the earth by dropping a nuclear bob down the shaft; der!!!!!!

They tried to solve it by dropping another nuclear bomb down an old volcano but it had ledges. They sent people down and one was killed. Why did they not just use a longer crane?

Is that not just pure common sense but it seems the yanks do not have much of that

Unless you are a mindless moron and will just watch any crap without any thought.

And why does just about every film always have to have a love angle with tarts aplenty

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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