Murdoch Mysteries – Here we go again

Yes, season 12 has finished but between working on the submissions, I need to rest my eyes and chill out a bit.

Now watching the repeats and in this one Eva Pearce makes her first appearance. Of course, the episode mostly takes place in the ladies wear department of a department store. Just another excuse to cram in more pretty women.


Eva Pearce manipulated men to do her bidding because she wanted to marry up and had a very dodgy past. She got them to murder people and she nearly murdered both Murdoch and Dr Ogden in a future episode

IT IS PROOF POSITIVE that in most episodes, men caught for murder are told “YOU WILL HANG” but women just go to jail, are treated as insane or nothing is said.

Take my “family” as an example – The following female family members and ex members are damn liars, dishonest and very manipulative

  • Verity Hender
  • Lori Cameron aka Pat
  • Samantha Parkinson (Verity’s mother) (who is also an embezzler and a thief)
  • Rosanna Hender (second ex wife)

For what it is worth, I think the whole basis of Murdoch’s relationship with Dr Ogden is wrong, certainly not in keeping with the era.

Just because Dr Ogden fancies Murdoch and visa versa, she wants to ditch her marriage. It is an indication of the throwaway society that has come through until today.

Even if there were problems, in the “Murdoch era”, all married people stayed together but according to Murdoch Mysteries, most men are lazy, drunks and abuse their wives. My mother did and both grandmothers did too

On another tack, in the episode when the corruption of Chief Inspector Giles is uncovered, there is an alderman involved. He is black and I do not believe that in the era when this is supposed to be, a black person would have reached those heights. They are being political correct in an era when it did not exist. Even today, it is sad to say that there is not political correctness, even though there is no such thing.

Take the Isle of Wight. You will hardly see a coloured person anywhere and the only one who I have seen is my very own GP, who is a really nice chap and very friendly.

Back to Murdoch.

It is the men who tend to be murdered whilst women are the witnesses and fill the episode. Yet more Murdoch gender bias

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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