Murdoch Mysteries – the continuing foisting onto the public of Dr Ogden

Well, I have now watched the last episode of the last available series; thank goodness for that.

I must say that I find that the writers have pushed Dr Ogden, played by Helena Joy, into as many episodes as possible, far too much. Any excuse to include her in the episode plot and they will take it.

More to the point, when Dr Ogden finally married Murdoch, she retained her maiden name. Please correct me if I am wrong, but in the era that it is set, a lady would always take her husband’s name but to make her more of interest, the writers have decided to retain her maiden name.

That is just bloody annoying.

And as to the insertion of a continuous stream of women into replacement coroners for Dr Ogden, that it just purely stupid and sexist but is just designed to titillate the viewer. Do not get me wrong, I adored Emily Grace being in the series, she was great fun and had a fire inside her. I would happily have her on my right arm but she is in Canada and married. If her real personality reflects the way she acts in Murdoch Mysteries, she would be great fun to be with.

I have mentioned it before but the bouncing from job to job of Dr Ogden, with no apparent experience in any of her new careers, it is just daft.

Hopefully, with all current series now have been aired in the UK, I hope that the writers take on board all of my comments, especially as I know that they have been looking at my blog on a regular basis.

Series 12 ended with Dr Hart not being arrested for her clear complicity with what happened in the last two episodes. If the writers have any gumption, series 13 will see Dr Hart brought into account and an interesting jovial male coroner put in her stead

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