I want to make a difference

That was the reply that I got from my daughter when I expressed my concern for her to go into family law. But I was so very proud of her when she made that statement.

Regular readers will be familiar of my morality and I, too, would like to make a difference. I hate politicians and it is quite late in the day for me but maybe one of the better ways of me trying to improve the morality of the political scene is to go into politics, as I would be hypocritical to just stand on the sidelines and do nothing.

But here is the rub. I would never achieve my goal. Why? Because, even if I wanted to follow that path,everyone who would prefer the status quo, would do anything to bring me down.

And down they would bring me because, even though I was proved to be innocent of any crime by the Police, I am still tainted by those false accusations. A great number of people are like sheep and when my past was exposed, they would apply the “no smoke without fire” principal and I would be damned.

In fact, I would be damned whatever I do in the future. Those false accusations will follow me until I am dead and cremated and even after that because everyone in the papers like to expose what they see as the truth, even if it is completely false.

I am surprised that my father, Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG have not done that already to blacken my character, to put people off the scent of what has really gone on or maybe they are just holding that in reserve in case I go too far, which I have every intention of doing.

Through her selfishness and greed, my daughter’s accusations have damned me, regardless of what I now try and achieve, my projects, quite literally anything and everything.

Verity has damned me for life

If I had a new family, would Verity have damned their lives too?

As a footnote, I would normally send the link to this post to Verity to attempt to convince her to tell the truth and to release me from this millstone but I have no intention of doing so. I have tried for years to help her understand what she has done, to lay down so many olive branches but she does not care a damn. She would not even confirm that she was safe or alright, which clearly is now a measure of that person.


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