Female Gender bias in adverts

Yes, I know that this is one of my big issues.

Even if you record programmes like I do, you cannot avoid adverts (sadly). Actually, if you watch as you are fast forwarding, the issue seems far more pertinent.

In just about every advert, there is a massive gender bias; the advertisers clearly believe that having a woman in an advert, sells that product better.

You will see it in all types of advert, even for a mundane product, but you see it more in charity adverts and funeral plans. Just count the number of men versus women in an advert; it is always biased towards females. But I know that Bingo adverts win first prize.

Even Legs Eleven is designed purely for women. If there was a bingo advert designed purely for men, there would be an outcry from the feminists. And have you noticed that cancer charity fun runs are generally all in pink, as is Legs Eleven

Do the advertisers forget that there are a great deal of disenchanted men out there, who have been treated badly by women, whether in the courts or generally? They are very unlikely to buy any product where they are forced to have far too many women on the screens.

This applies just as well to adverts where there is a crowd. You will see women all at the front or generally larger numbers.

If there is equality in numbers, the females will get more airtime in a single advert; just watch an advert or two very carefully and you will see what I mean.



Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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