The Americans and all governments steal – Murdoch Mysteries

I have said that Murdoch Mysteries in basically a heap of crap and is so gender biased that it is unbelievable.

But it may surprise you that I am not going to rattle on about gender bias in programmes but am going to talk about what I see as the underlying message of the latest episode that I have watched “Murdoch Air”.

To cut a long story short, a Canadian inventor makes an aircraft that can fly under controlled flight i.e. turn. It was then stolen by the Americans but recovered by the inventor and Murdoch (of course) and then destroyed because the Canadian government wanted it for themselves, under the umbrella of  “for the national interest“.

National interest; that is an interesting “reason”. This happens all of the time now.  Let us not be naive; it is not for national interests. It is for the power moungers of a particular country to utilise what has been stolen. Whether it be destined for the military or civilian life, it all boils down to just one thing.

Yes, you have guessed it; MONEY

As to the Yanks, they want other people to have respect for their own borders but they never respect the borders of ANY other country. You know it, I know it.

It is deemed to be in the National Interest of the USA but it is just crap, as it is all about power and money.

From films where they steal everyone’s ideas, including those of their own national population to just about everything that you can think of, the yanks will just steal it for themselves. It is a dog eat dog world; how wonderful, not?

That selfishness says only one thing to me. That is that they only care about themselves. They never care how many innocents are killed in the process  as long as fewer yank soldiers get killed ; just as long as they achieve their goals. Absolutely nothing else matters.

I have said it before but god forbid in another world war, who are the yanks going to think of? Are they going to do the right thing and help their allies or are they just going to think about themselves?

Those who have a brain cell will realise that if the “balloon did go up”, they will only think about one group of people, themselves. But drill that down; the only people that they care about is not the national population but the people in government.

After all, they only entered world war 2 when Hitler’s scientists had developed a destructive rocket that could hit the USA. Before that, they were just saying “nothing to do with us, lets just put on some steaks after we have had some sun and a swim”.

Of course the yanks make money wherever they go. People who think that the yanks just supported the UK with no ties are so very wrong. It was not until relatively recently that the UK paid off the amount that they owed the yanks for their so called assistance. In fact, the yanks in WW2 were effectively mercenaries, bought and paid for.

Of course the yank government didnt really care about their own citizens’ lives being lost either. It was purely a case of money gained versus lives. The yanks made so much out of the war effort that they could easily justify the grandiose cemeteries and all of the hula bula loo that went with it.

That is why I would never ever live in the USA. The yanks would sell their grandmothers for the right amount of money and do not care from whom they steal; allies, enemies, it makes no difference.

People may find it strange that I have written about this subject in view that I am worried sick about my daughter. Partly, it is to keep my mind off of things but mainly because….

If everyone just ignores what is going on and says nothing, even if it is just “heard” by around 7,000, then we are fools to ourselves and deserve everything that we get.

Those American followers of mine, being sooooooo patriotic will never make any negative comment about their own country, being so very blind and being lead like sheep; just wave your American flag guys! I am afraid to say that your own government has got you just where they want you; BY THE BALLS 

But, I am not naive and will just as well say how fucking corrupt and self interested that my own government and country is is, as saying it about governments of countries in which I do not live.

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