Bissell- The Yanks are at it again

In my very last post, I talked about how the Yanks steal from everyone and then make it their own.

I was just have a pitta bread and could not fast forward so I watched a Bissell advert; what a bloody con.

If you watch very carefully, it is not filmed in the UK but in the USA; you can tell by the plugs and all of the interviewees were yanks.

I would not be surprised if the owners of the Bissell bought a British VAX carpet cleaner and then reverse engineered it, put a label on and now sell it as a “wonder machine”.

Anyway, why would a yank company have a carpet cleaner when there are far more carpets in homes in the UK than just about anywhere else. Personally, I hate carpets but it just goes to show that the yanks will just steal to make even more money and then take away business from those companies who have spent many years and many millions of pounds in building up a market.

Sorry to say but most people are morons and that is what the advertiser banks on. They see something on the television and want to buy it , there and then. Job done

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