Let me cut the wood from the trees THE FALSE ABUSE CLAIMS

A great deal has been said by me of the possible scenarios of what happened but let me take it right back to basics.

  1. I tried to contact Verity’s mother and she responded in a text that it was Pat (aka Lori Cameron) who said that I had sexually abused Verity
  2. Pat in a previous email had said that I had admitted to abusing Verity in the bedroom
  3. But, when I was interrogated by the Police, they accused me of abusing Verity in my car.

Clearly, all of that is totally inconsistent with each other supposed fact, which means that the allegations made by Pat were false as were the allegations made by Verity’s mother. Both Pat and Verity’s mother did it for one thing and one thing only…

MONEY – Even Pat had told me that Verity’s mother had been paid

Furthermore, if I had abused Verity in the car, they would have taken it away for forensic analysis but they did not.


What does that tell you? Well, what it tells me is that

  • Pat, my father and Verity’s mother conspired with each other to provide false facts
  • The Police treated the allegations as completely true but then failed to support that by taking evidence from my car
  • The Police knew from the outset that the allegations were false but undertook my arrest and the investigation purely because of my father’s masonic links with the Police.
  • It took me just three months, working on my own, for a layman to prove that I was totally innocent of all such disgusting allegations
  • Verity had lied through her teeth, either because she had been abused by her grandfather or because he had manipulated and bribed her, either emotionally or financially.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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