A grudge? What happened to me

I have spent many hours, days, months and years wondering what the hell went on with my relationship with Verity and which family protagonists were involved.

I was watching some television and the word “grudge” came up. That seemed to hit a chord and I was wondering whether someone in the family has a grudge against me.

I certainly know that my father has, as he has done everything in his power to screw me financially, emotionally and physically.

He came over with me to look at Sanctuary Cottage, which turned into a hell hole after being violated by having every single thing in my home being turned over by the Police. Yes my friends, having your home violated is just as bad as a person being violated.

I, in no way, belittle people being violated; it has sent many to kill themselves, mainly out of the shame of it, although it was never and can be never their fault.

Especially after what I went through with the second divorce, my home was to be my sanctuary, hence the name, to enable me to heal but having the heart ripped out of my sacred place was as bad as if it had been demolished.

Dad and I were very early for the ferry and so we spent an hour or two walking around Yarmouth, a very peaceful and pretty town. I think it reminded Dad of the old Southampton where he lived and he started looking in estate agency windows at houses; every one he could afford easily.

He started to get very excited and when I returned to my home, I spoke to my then therapist about it. She said that in no uncertain terms should I let my father move to the Isle of Wight with me. She knew that he had controlled me for all of my life, up until then and said that if he moved to the island, I would be constantly at his beck and call and that would drive me to severe depression and I would not heal.

So, I plucked up the courage to tell him to his face and the reasons why. He grimaced but seem to take what I had said on the chin. He did not say a single word.

This was not long before the supposed allegations were being investigated and I wonder if that really pissed him off so much that he wanted to finish me.

No one had ever said no to him in his whole life about anything, either by him using emotional blackmail or money but I had.

That really must have got under his skin and knowing him as I do, my father would want to retaliate and that is what he might have done by emotionally or monetarily blackmailing Verity to make those false allegations against me

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