Murdoch Mysteries – Seizures – SHAME ON YOU

I have just watched another episode of the above and it really troubled me.

In the past, Dr Ogden had been buried alive, and she said that she had nightmares but she went to a specialist for the nightmares to be cured by inducing seizures. She said it in such a matter of fact way, whilst saying she was cured that it caused me great upset.

I had a tumour when I was 13 and it caused epilepsy. By 16, the tumour had become big enough to show up on a CT scans. Although supposedly cured, I have had seizures for most of my life but now they are controlled by medication, which I have to take for the rest of my life.

I was lucky as, for some, epilepsy can be so debilitating that it can destroy a life and no amount of medication will cure that. For someone, such as I, who have had plenty of seizures, it is certainly no laughing matter, is extremely painful, with your body bucking uncontrollably, with significant after effects.

No doctor would countenance the inducement of seizures in anyone and I found that episode “Twentieth Century Murdoch” so distasteful that I turned it off..

Most of the time, this programme does good research but on this occasion, it did not and the episode was utterly offensive to people like me who have suffered or still suffer from epilepsy.

This lax way of introducing Dr Ogden into the episode was ill thought out and in no way sensitive to the plight of many many thousands.

Not only did it bring rushing back all of my painful experiences of seizures which are thankfully now controlled but it also brought back the memory of Liesel having rigor fits as part of her bone marrow treatment to try and survive her cancer.

In this day and age, we are always supposed to be mindful of not speaking out of turn about women or disabled people (and if that happens, there are law suits flying everywhere) but that approach clearly does not apply to the people who suffer this horrible condition. At its peak, I used to have two or three grand mals a day but there are many people who have 10 to 15 or more per day and such is the severity that it affects their learning and ability to function as a normal healthy person.



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