Murdoch Mysteries and Death In Paradise

I never thought that I would be twinning the two of these programmes, but I am.

I have just watched a Death in Paradise episode and it basically involved two chaps, killing each other’s wives. As you know I am a bit of a Murdoch Mysteries expert, as it  floods the Alibi and Drama channels.

I cannot remember what the Murdoch episode was called but it involved two men, meeting in a hospital and agreeing to kill each other’s wives. Get the picture?

I am not going to be so anal to work it which came first but one of them stole the idea off the other.

It really pisses me off that with the high budgets these programmes have, that they cannot come up with original ideas. I have talked about Hollywood stealing ideas but it is clear that everyone is doing it. But the former are still the king when it comes to stealing content.

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