Homosexuality – It is all about love

Let me be clear; I have absolutely no problem with homosexuals and I am certainly not a homophobe.

And, before anyone asks, I am straight as a dye.

What I do have a problem with is gays trying to “hit” on me and, for some, acting and/or being effeminate.

It is sad to say that once, the word “gay” just meant happy and jolly but it now means something quite different.

I do not have a problem with sapphists either. Right, before I go on, I do not like the “L” word; it is demeaning, is a label and is wrong.

In days gone by, homosexuals were treated very badly and like criminals, although it has to be said that it was more gays than sapphists. They were beaten up, tortured, imprisoned and sometimes executed for what they were but thankfully, most of the world has now grown up, but there are still some places where homosexuality is still criminal, although, yet again, this applies more to gays than to sapphists.

I know a person; let me call her Kate. I believe that she is a sapphist and has had some same sex relationships, although they have been obliterated from her Facebook. It seems that Kate is ashamed to be what she is but she should not be.

People once thought that it was an illness but now realise that most, if not all, are born with it. It is not her fault, in fact, it is no ones fault and fault does not come into it at all. The fact that she loves someone of her same sex should not be hidden but rejoiced, as to love a person is a very special thing. Some people do not have the chance to love at all in their life and are lonely for all of their lives.

Kate portrays herself to be straight but I fear that this is done, purely for appearance sake. It takes years for a person to work out who they are and to whom the are attracted to and Kate has followed this path but she has acted out as though she was straight.

If I was her father, all I would want is for her to be happy and to love someone special as I have done. It does not matter if they have two heads or one, male or female, because if Kate fights against what she truly is, they she will sadly eat herself away.

I can speak from experience. My second wife had been married before and had three children. It was not long before we were married that she told me that she was bisexual, although that was a lie, as during and after the divorce, she ended up living with a woman. She had obviously fought against what she truly was for so long. A lot of it, I am sure, was peer pressure but, in the case of being gay or Lesbian, thankfully this country is now very open and it is even criminal to discriminate against the people who are that way.

But there is a slight catch. In the workplace, there is still homophobia although even in the home of democracy, our parliament, there are a number of sapphist MPs, who are open about it. There are also some gays MPs but, like as before, they hide it. I know of one gay lord who hides it through a marriage of convenience.

My advice to Kate? Be yourself and if your friends and parents do not understand it, they are not your friends and you can distance yourself from your parents. Maybe one or both will come round but maybe they will not. But the most important thing is to try and live your life as truly as possible; that is all that we can do.

If you lie to others, you are effectively lying to yourself. Most will come around in the end. It will be naturally a shock to most but some will have already worked it out already but have kept their counsel.

If Kate was my daughter, I would happily walk her down the aisle to a beautiful woman or a handsome man; just as long as she was happy.

Take it from me; that is all that counts in the end.


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