Greed- Murdoch Mysteries

Every country has taken over another to enable them to have access to more land, water or precious metals and we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

I have criticised  Murdoch Mysteries many times and quite rightly so.

But, in the episode ” All that glitters”, it showed the greed for precious metals, in this case silver.

At the end of the episode, there was a footnote that I will repeat in full, which I am sure, few read, did not care and just switched off. It involved land that had been set aside for native Indians but the Canadian government set aside the legal agreement and took over the land to mine silver.

In 1903, silver was found near Cobalt, Ontario. The provincial government extinguished the Indian land title.

That silver was rightfully the Canadian Indian’s and would have helped them so much but not only did they lose the silver but they lost their homeland too.

The yanks have done it by committing genocide of the American Indians, the British have done it to many countries (India included), the Aussies have done it by committing genocide of the Aborigines . The Israeli state is doing it by committing genocide of the Palestinian people. In fact, everyone is or has done it.

All of the governments and states have put sheer greed before humanity and what is right.

Naive it may be but greed has destroyed many cultures and continues to do so and few people seem to care.

Sadly, that is the world that we now live in. We should all be ashamed of our past or present heritage.

Governments have always done it and it eventually permeates its way down to “normal society” and then down to individuals. I have seen plenty of that in the family.

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