I was not going to post this………

……But, I felt that I had to.

I have been messaging Verity through her blog, all one way, as usual and gave her two distinct choices, as I have had enough of all of this.

Either, she tells me to fuck off and I said that in which case, she would never hear or see from me again or

To come and find me (she knows where I live) so that we can talk what happened through and hopefully start to rebuild our relationship

I said that if she did neither, then she was a coward, just like Hitler skulking in his bunker.

Brutal? Damn bloody right because I am not going to have madam sit on that fence whilst she watches me and my life slowly disintegrate. Either, she tells me to get out of her life (and I would) or we start to make amends.

To do nothing is not only cowardly and not taking responsibility for your own actions but is very very cruel.

I will wait and see

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