Bude or St Austell?

I am quite desperate to get off the Isle of Wight. Not only has my house been sullied and desecrated by the Police following that search in April 2016, 3 years ago now but seems like a lifetime, my father and other people have alienated me from my friends, some who were really just acquaintances, for good. So, as well as being isolated from a friendship point of view, I am isolated in my mind and that is why I only ever go out for necessities like my medication. That also gives me the opportunity of seeing two very friendly ladies, which does brighten my day.

If I ever get off this fucking island, where do I go?

I have come to the conclusion that the South West will be best for me and it is either Bude, a beautiful place where I spent many happy times as a child or St Austell.

One thing that I enjoy is food and I do not mind how much I spend or if I am on my own, as long as the food is good and I do not feel that I am being ripped off, as that would be “it” for me.

Wherever I go, if I get there, it will take time to build up new friends and if I am by the sea to clear my thoughts, have an unviolated home, good pubs (as I like a good pint of ale) and restaurants of my favourite cuisines, I will be happy.

But the question is will that ever happen? I just want some peace in my life for once, get back to my amateur mechanics and I will be content.

But, in order to do that, I need everyone to agree to my terms. They have all affected my life in ways that they can never imagine and they have pushed me to near suicide, all of them; my father, Berwin Leighton and Paicolex. Verity has made me very sad but has not taken me to that point.

I will just have to wait and see, won’t I.

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