The crooks known as Berwin Leighton Paisner, Paicolex Trust Management AG and William Thomas Hender are FINISHED

The latest salvo to those crooks that I have named above. Never in my professional career have I EVER seen such atrocious unprofessional behaviour, compounded by a conspiracy of dishonesty.

I do feel sorry for those staff who were never involved in all of this and who will lose their jobs but there is a saying that is very apt:



Here is the email, just sent, in its entirety as usual

Reinstatement of notice to replace trustees of the Hender Family Settlement and payment of unpaid dividends
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Wed 24/04/2019 19:11
  • Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
  •  Andrew Lugg (Paicolex Chairman);
  •  Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton;
  •  Ron Downhill

+2 others

Notice of removal of trustees dated 24th April 2019.docx
25 KB
Letter from Paicolex _2.4.2019 re loan dividends and trustee appointment.pdf
317 KB
Letter to the trustees of the Hender Family Settlement dated 24th April 2019.docx
32 KB


3 attachments (373 KB)
Dear Paicolex,
I now attach the reinstatement notice to remove Paicolex Trust Management AG as trustees to the Hender Family Settlement.
I also attach your letter of 2nd April 2019, in which you have attempted, but failed, to address the many issues that I have with the running of the trust.
In particular, I draw your attention to section 4 of that letter, relating to my father’s ability to appoint trustees and I quote from the letter directly ” As per the trust deed, your father has the power to appoint new or additional trustees. He also has the power to consent to any addition or exclusion of beneficiaries.”
Only the settlor and the beneficiaries may have the power to appoint trustees and to include or exclude beneficiaries and so, if this is really in the trust deed, which I doubt, that would make my father, not only, in Ron Downhill’s words, “the moral settlor” of the settlement but the legal settlor of the settlement as well, in which case, it is cast iron proof, if any further proof was necessary, that my father has used the trust to evade capital gains tax on the sale of Vendcrown.
Indeed, this letter is most helpful as it will give the tax authorities all the proof that they need to prosecute my father for tax evasion, especially as the letter is in the trustee’s OWN HAND.
Furthermore, with reference to my letter to the trustees sent this morning (an additional copy which I now attach), there will be significant compensation payable by all parties before I will deem this sordid matter to be closed. Over the last 4 or so years, all of the parties, named below, have conspired to make my life as hard as possible and to cause me to suffer from both emotional and physical DISTRESS as well as the financial harm that has been caused to me by treating me unfairly with respect to the other beneficiary.
I now have all the evidence that I need to completely ruin the names of those who WILL pay me compensation of £200,000 each, free of tax by the last working day of this month. With relation to the compensation payment made to me by Paicolex, these will come out of its own funds and not those of the Hender Family Settlement. The full list of compensation payers is listed below:
  1. Berwin Leighton Paisner
  2. Paicolex trust Management AG
  3. William Thomas Hender
Furthermore, the trust will, in the meantime, retrospectively adjust my dividend, with interest payable at 2 1/2% pa on unpaid amounts, calculated on a day by day basis.

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