The needless Americanisation of entertainment and our culture – Sky UK

As you know, given my state of mind, I need to try and fill my day and I do that with sleep and watching television.

Easter as well as every bank holiday, such as Christmas, is a queue for producers of entertainment to put on crap.

So, I have been forced to watch an animated film,called “Monster Family” which is mildly funny and which all of the characters are speaking with an English accent.

So, it begs the question.

Why the fuck is it set in America?

Yes, they go to London, as part of the story, but why America?

This is happening all of the time to pander to the American masses. Why cannot we be proud to set films in our own country? After all, this was a Sky UK original production.

And guess what? the two baddies were both men; there is a surprise. Yes, of course, it is supposed to be a bit of fun but it is all very stereotypical.And yes, the lead character is a woman.

It is now built into the human psychy that women are good and men are bad. That is why the justice system is so biased towards women and I should know, having been through it twice.. Two people who have committed the same crime, one a man and one a woman. In most cases, it will be the man who gets the longer sentence.

Apparently, it is down the woman’s child bearing ability but a man who is jailed will lose his beloved children just as much as a woman’s.

The justice secretary recently suggested that all women’s prisons should be closed, as the crimes could be linked to domestic abuse in their lives. Domestic abuse was committed in me, not by my mother or father but my first and second wives; not of the physical nature, save for wife number 2 pulling a 12 inch kitchen knife on me but of psychological abuse, which can be just as bad as physical abuse.

But no justice system will ever take that into account for a man but will, mostly always for a woman. Such is the basis of bias in justice systems throughout the world.

The Americans have bastardised the English language, just to be different and you can only have the proper English language on your computer if you pay over £200 for an English dictionary disc.

That is why I am so anti American. Not just because they have the most corrupt society in the world, especially its politicians, we are just force fed with content, most of it of very poor quality.

It is sad to say that the Americans are infesting our culture like a virus. Most are just so complacent that they do not care; they do not care that the British culture is being eroded away




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