Verity at Easter

Verity, as I have found to my cost, is a self centred young woman.

She may be 21 years old but her behaviour is that of a 13 year old petulant child, throwing her tows out of the pram, when she does not get what she wants.

At Easter, that are lots of Easter eggs. I have just always given her one or two but her other family have always rained down Easter eggs on her; it is though that they are just buying her.

I am sure that whatever she gets, she will concentrate on her eggs and the so called family meal, which her mother has always insisted on and will not give a second thought to me.

She can lie to others but she cannot lie to herself, even if she tries to.

When her mother and I first got divorced, we agreed that we would alternate for Christmas, she would be with her mother on mothers’ day and with me on fathers’ day.

It all started off as planned but very soon, I never saw Verity for Christmas or for fathers’ day and I received a long line of excuses from Verity’s mother; wants to see a friend, wants to see her grand parents, her granddad Alan will be having his last Christmas, any excuse.

Neither event are to do with presents, they are to do with family and, after Liesel died, Verity was my family; we were three who became two.

However, on one fathers’ day, Verity bought me some cufflinks that said “I love you Daddy”. That was when Verity was about 9 or 10.

When Rosanna came on the scene, they suddenly disappeared and I was mortified but when I was sorting out Rosanna’s things as the divorce was coming to a final, yet painful, close, I suddenly found them in one of her bags.

Rosanna had stolen them from me as she was jealous of my special relationship with Verity and she wanted to do whatever she could to destroy it. Rosanna clearly wanted me to think of her (and her boys) and nothing else;  an action that you would not expect from a mother but people like Rosanna can be very jealous of others,as Verity’s mother was so very jealous of Liesel, because Liesel could really love and Verity’s mother could not.

But, I would not bulk at her trying to dismiss Verity or even Liesel for that matter. If a new partner has true feelings for her loved one, she will respect the loves that he has lost and most importantly, allow a daughter like Verity to be one of the family but she did not.

What Rosanna REALLY wanted was a child by me but thankfully, it never happened. All she wanted was to get her claws into me, both emotionally and financially and, if we split, it would be pay day for her and that was what happened in the end, as her children, one of which was now an adult, were ALL considered to be children of the marriage; Verity never came into it at all.

Rosanna and Verity’s mother are so alike in that they both wanted to rape me financially

Then, thanks to the joke of the family justice system, I was taken to the cleaners and, in the end, had to borrow over £1.2m; I have never borrowed so much in my life and will never again.

But Verity has never appreciated what I have been through and continue to go through and she probably never will

What Verity has never “got” is that there is a massive difference between loyalty from a daughter for her mother and a supposed love for a daughter by her mother 

But Verity cannot see that difference sadly, as her love has been bought by outrageously expensive prom dresses, other clothes and basically whatever Verity wanted.

Love has absolutely nothing to do with money or what you get

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