I am not talking about emotional pain here, I have talked about that quite a lot. What I am talking about here is PHYSICAL PAIN.

I suffer from psoriasis on both legs and arms, which are now badly scarred. That is the main cause of the physical pain that I suffer but because of the psoriasis, I have become allergic to my beloved cat, William. But I cannot let him go and so I have to sacrifice myself; he is all that I have left in the world now.

I can trace my ailment starting when my second hellish divorce was going on, such was the stress but it settled down. But when the nightmare of me being arrested for abusing my own daughter started, my psoriasis went exponential.

I suffer from it the worst when I am least distracted; that means in bed. It is like trying to sleep with needles stuck in both legs and, as you can imagine, it is extremely painful and I get little sleep.

The divorce is now a distant, if not painful memory but what Verity caused lives with me day in, day out.

This is the damage

Right leg

Right leg#2

Left leg

Left leg#2

Not nice is it? Pretty disgusting really. What woman want want to go out with a man with scarred and damaged legs like these? no one, for sure.

This is mainly down to one person, Verity but also her uncle and grandfather.

They all live in their bubbles of privilege and wealth. Whilst in their bubbles, they all act as though they are untouchable and carry on with their lives as though everything is wonderful in the world; parties, lots of shallow friends and people who will do them favours.

Outside these bubbles, they care for no one, no one at all, even if they were once close….


So, I carry on suffering day after day. No one can see my emotional pain but these four pictures show my ACTUAL PHYSICAL PAIN.

If things could be better, then my legs and arms will slowly recover but none of them have shown any willingness to make that happen.

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