Haggis is spicy and I love spicy things; maybe it is to do with my smoking dulling my taste sense.

I decided to try something different so I bought a Haggis supplied by Sainsbury’s, a Macsween Haggis, which the latter continue to sell. I followed all of the instructions but when I cut into it, as instructed, it exploded all over the kitchen.

Just think of a Haggis as a balloon. Fill the balloon with gorgeous flavoured meats, heat it up and prick it with a knife; you know what comes next.

I was very disappointed. The Haggis itself was lovely but having all of that mess took the enjoyment away.

I tried to write a review on Sainsbury’s review section of their website but the computer said that it was inappropriate. It wasn’t inappropriate, it was the truth and the supermarkets do not like that. Now, the product has disappeared; funny that !

Most of the producers of Haggis use synthetic skins, which will explode and, as the sheep’s stomach lining on a traditional Haggis is discarded anyway but, most importantly breath like a sausage skin, I am going to use pastry instead, which breathes and releases the pressure and so it will not explode when cut into.

I have now found a good manufacturer in Scotland who sells Haggis in tins (as well by the traditional method) so I will be putting in an order soon.

That may give me the encouragement to start cooking again, rather than eating junk at 1am in the morning and actually start eating again but like any chef, professional or amateur, that person prefers to prepare and cook the dish rather than actually eat it.


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