Murdoch Mysteries – pure female gender bias

In the episode “The spy who came up to the cold”, there was a woman who was found to have murdered her beau, who was also a spy.

But no one ever said “you will hang for that”. Oh no, nothing was mentioned whatsoever whereas when a man is found to have done the same deed, it is always said that “you will hang for that”.

As for the Eva Pearce episodes. This woman was a con artist, a thief and a murderer, all showing premeditation (a precursor for whether someone was insane or not at the time) . She was subsequently put in a lunatic asylum, NOT HANGED. All men in previous episodes caught, having committed the same crime of murder, have always been hung.

It just goes to show how gender biased Murdoch Mysteries really is.

Yet again, it makes me want to vomit

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