“It’s your day”

That is what is said to a bride, just before her marriage or when it is being planned.

But let us not forget, it is actually both the man’s and woman’s day; they are getting married after all, ’till death do they part.

The women always take the selfish approach (and I speak from experience, twice!). They want whatever they wish for, regardless of the cost, even if it gets people into great debt.

In the second marriage, Rosanna always complained that her bras did not fit so I took her to the best, Rigby and Peller, who take every measurement. She came away very happy but I came away broke, having paid £500 or more.

Once the wedding was over, all she did was complain about the basque that I had bought for her, especially chosen to go under her dress and accentuate “the best bits”. She fucking moaned and moaned and in fact blamed me for taking her there. She never wore it again. So, that was over £500 paid out by me for less than a day.

And for the honeymoon, we went to Vienna and I had planned a surprise to take her to the Hofsburg Silvester Ball. The tickets cost me £650 each but that was not the end of it. Before we departed, I had to get her a ball gown and that was well over £1,000; she did look stunning.

But none of what I had done for her, including getting her out of debt before the marriage, meant anything at all. Not even the courts took all of that into account. And because her father was supposedly broke, I paid for the whole wedding; £50,000 at least but that was not taken into account either. I had, in fact, used all of my savings on her.

Most women, not all, will then take umbridge at the first sign of trouble, will inevitably take a lover and commit adultery.

When caught, they will just cry crocodile tears and say that they are sorry and a man is expected to forgive but when it is the other way around, a man’s clothes and possessions are wrecked and chucked out of the window and he is dropped like a stone.

When it comes to the divorce, 99% of the time, the women get everything, especially when there is a child involved and the man is left with nearly nothing or nothing at all, as was the case in both of my divorces, even though I totally supported my wives in both cases and they brought nothing financially to the marriage. My first wife had secret bank accounts, most which she did not declare in the divorce papers but when I found a statement one day, I asked her what it was and she said “IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS“. For fuck sake, we were married and were supposed to share everything.

No, they can share whatever a man has but a man cannot share everything that a woman has.

It is a fact that in a married or unmarried relationship, the female will have secret bank accounts “for a rainy day” or accounts that cannot be touched. Take my so called sister-in-law.

Yes, she was badly injured and yes she got compensation for it but she always uses my so called brother’s money whilst her compensation is totally ring fenced and, even in a divorce, it would never be taken into account with regards to the sharing out. In fact, she will get a great deal of Martin’s whilst Martin would be crucified as far as the financials go.

She was supposed to be in a wheel chair 15 years ago and that is why she got so much compensation but I can tell you now; she will never need to be in a wheel chair. She is physically fitter than I am

But, given the gender bias in the justice system, that means absolutely fuck all and the man then has to start again. The woman will then use the child as a bargaining chip to get whatever they want and, as most men with a child will want the best for the child, they agree to whatever is demanded. That can be from supplying yet more money over and above what has been agreed in the courts to limiting when the man sees his son or daughter. In the first marriage, both happened. But, in my case, all of the arguments were about seeing my daughter more but you can imagine the excuses that I got for not seeing her; ” we are going on holiday” or “it is not convenient at the moment”. That went on for 18 years.

That scenario applies to most divorced men and that is why the “Father’s for justice” group was formed. Yes, it was ill conceived but they felt that they had to do something and so they sought attention to their cause by dressing up in silly costumes and going to places they should not have gone to.

However, they were seen by the media and the Police as freaks and quasi terrorists but all they wanted to achieve was to see their child or children.


Bitter? Of course, I am fucking bitter

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