Am I adopted?

If I was adopted, it would certainly explain why my father treats me like shit, whilst favouring my brother; it would make sense, wouldn’t it?

However, years ago I constructed part of my family tree, using and I did find my birth record. Some would say that is definitive proof that I am my father’s son but I am not so sure.

My father is known by me to be a cheat, a liar and very dishonest and he is also a Mason, one of the most insipid organisations in the UK and in the Western World; they are like a virus, disseminating themselves into every corner of society, with corruption abound.

Given my father’s history, it would have been very easy for him to “fix” a birth, using his Masonic connections. After all, he “fixed” my arrest on false charges, using his Masonic connections to the Police.

So, where do I stand?

I know that my mother loved me dearly and I loved her so much too but I believe that my father just put up with me, always, for the sake of my mother.

So, on top of everything else including the false allegations, his dodgy dealings and his financial irregularities of every kind,………


A secret can be kept for as long as necessary. After all, the secret of my mother’s complete nervous breakdown, at the hands of my father, was kept for 25 years or more. It only came out when Mum slipped up, whilst in conversation with Martin at Doyle’s Restaurant in Sydney many moons ago; I cannot call him a “brother” after all that he has done.

So, where does that leave me? In complete limbo, that is where, with my father’s on-going onslaught of me by whatever means; dishonesty, illegally changing his will because of his Alzheimer’s (which prevents him from doing so) destroying my life and ruining me financially. I do not even have my daughter to give me succour. 

As to Verity, she thinks that she is going to benefit from siding with him and doing his bidding but he uses everyone; he used me, he used my mother, he used Thomas Meier, he used and uses everyone and it is very unlikely that she will benefit from ANY will.



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