I know it is supposed to just be a bit of fun, BUT…….

I have just watched another episode of, yes you have guessed it, MURDOCH MYSTERIES, called “Crabtree A La Carte”.

In it, there was a cooking competition. Mrs Brackenreid, in the rerun of the competition, was so intent on winning the competition, that she intentionally cheated by spiking the salt of two of the other competitors.

This was just seen as “a joke” and she won the competition anyway.

Yes, I know it is supposed to be tongue in cheek but it is symptomatic of what people look for in programmes of today, that the woman is generally allowed to get away with it and actually benefit from whatever.


SHAME ON MURDOCH MYSTERIES for cow towing to what is going to make them the most money; IT IS ALL ABOUT FUCKING MONEY.

Some may suggest that I just do not have a sense of humour. After what I have fucking been through, who would blame me for not having one but I DO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR, provided that whatever it is, is balanced.

I can now understand why some people will not have a television in their house or just watch certain programmes.

It is because, like me, they cannot stand the gender stereotypes in today’s programming but, unlike me, they have a bloody life. I have literally no choice but to watch such crap, save for broken sleep, rarely eating and VENTING MY DISGUST AND FRUSTRATION ON HERE, because my family has conspired with my father and with Berwin Leighton Paisner’s and Paicolex Trust Management AG’s assistance to crush my life so much that I cannot do anything else. Some will question as to why I just do not turn off the television but they are NOT IN MY SHOES

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