Sins of my father

I know that I have slated Murdoch Mysteries many times but I have just watched an episode about Murdoch’s Dad.

The point of it all is that both father and son wanted to reconcile with each other. I cannot speak for my Dad but that has always been my wish.

Given that he is old and has Alzheimer’s, I am so very concerned that our resolution will never take place and that I will carry that burden for the rest of my life; time is running out.

My Dad is many things; a brilliant and clever businessman but also a tax evader and is a liar, which goes against the grain of my moral code.

Yes, he has many faults, as do I, but I try to remember the good things about him, rather than the bad. Like when, at Christmas, he built a cardboard house with all of the presents in it for Martin and I. He was very kind too, although I will never know if that was an act or him deep down.

Yes, of course, I wish that I could reconcile with my daughter, Verity but, nearly as strong, is my desire to not only see my Dad again to ensure that he has adequate care but also so that we can be at peace with each other, as all that is happening is no good for anyone, especially Dad and myself.

I continue to fight because I have hope.

  • Hope that I will see my Dad again and reconcile with him
  • Hope that I will see my beloved Verity again and start to make amends

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