My health

I do not wish any sympathy but understanding; that is all I ask for. 

I am the way that I am because of my brain cancer operation at 16. I knew that I had a plate screwed to my skull but was unaware of the physical damage done to my brain by the operation.

Decades later, I was with my neurologist, Dr Patrick Trend, who put up a recent CT scan onto the light box and I asked what the big black blob on the scan sheet was. He just said that was atrophied brain tissue and the hole was the size of a small lemon. I was in shock and said to him that I should be dead, such was the size of the hole compared to my existing brain.

Over the years, since my operation, scar tissue grew on the surface of the lemon shaped hole. This scar tissue has “short circuited” my brain, leaving me highly susceptible to stress. This was the reason that I had a nervous breakdown, causing my career to collapse.

My father has always deemed this to be a weakness and it is highly ironic that he too had a nervous breakdown, caused by high stress, as the result of a failed financial deal, that led him to be admitted to The Priory. To say that my father is a hypocrite, is an understatement.

I have been fighting against the unfairness meted out by Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG for years now and it has seriously affected my system. I have to force myself to eat and I cannot sleep; I feel constantly sick assuaging my appetite.

All of this campaign, engineered by my father, is designed to kill me by giving me a heart attack, caused by high stress.

His actions are positively evil and he knows damn well that if he is successful, the Police would never arrest him because of his age, infirmity and Masonic links.

The continued stress for years has prevented me from sleeping; my night’s slumber is constantly interrupted by nasty stress induced dreams. That is why I cat nap three or four times a day; because I am so damn tired.

The continued stress has meant that I continue to have heart palpitations and have also had a heart attack, for which I never sought medical help (what is the point when my Dad tries to destroy me with the help of BLP and Paicolex and my beloved daughter, Verity, continues to ignore me)

My beloved Campervan, named after my mother, Betty, is slowly rusting away. I am a great fan of Car SOS; family members or friends nominate a petrol head who has been fixing up a classic because he or she has fallen ill and is unable to complete the project.

Thanks to my father, I am not only alienated from my so called family but he also bribed my then best friend, Alex, to ditch me. He even tried to bribe me to leave the country

So, without anyone to nominate me, I nominated myself and listed down what had happened to me over the years.

When I met Rosanna, I told her everything that had happened to me medically and personally . She said that if I told anyone, they simply would not believe me, as no one could be that unlucky.

My campervan, Betty
David Hender
Thu 11/04/2019 20:44
  • To Ta Classics (Fuzz Townshend)(Car SOS Workshop)
Dear Fuzz,
My camper van is something very special, named after my late Mum. She had Alzheimer’s but died from pneumonia. My dad who also now has Alzheimer’s suggested to me that I should convert it so that Mum and the family dog, Digby, could come away with us but that never happened.
In recent years, I have been accused of abuse of my daughter, allegations which were thrown out by the Police but because of what my daughter, Verity, accused me of, my life has fallen apart and I am doing nothing apart from trying to get to the truth and to ensure that my Dad is put in proper care but all of my efforts are being blocked by my whole family and his business friends.
But, at this time, Betty is slowly rotting away. I have been offered  a great deal of money for her but I would rather see her crumble to ash than be sold for money.
You have said that you do a lot of research before selecting candidates but everything that I am about to tell you can be verified.
  • I had an epileptic fit at the age of 13
  • By 16, they had discovered that I had a brain tumour and was operated on immediately. That was in 1979 (Given a 50:50 chance of getting off the slab alive)
  • Over the next ten years, I experienced epilepsy caused by the original operation (the epilepsy will always be with me and is controlled by a cocktail of drugs)
  • I married my first wife in 1996
  • We had Verity in 1998
  • (Divorced in 2001)
  • My career collapsed in 2002 when I had a nervous breakdown and was in the Priory as an outpatient for a year
  • I lost my job (and my career was over)
  • In 2006, I met a beautiful lady called Liesel
  • Three months after we met, she too had an epileptic fit and was sent to hospital
  • She previously had cancer (Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma), a cancer that nearly killed her but thankfully, she went into remission but, as I have said, after three months of being with her, she fitted and I knew exactly what had caused it, as I had suffered from it many years before
  • But this time, her cancer was inoperable. It had gone up the spinal cord into her brain.
  • But she was a fighter. She went through chemo, when we thought we had cracked it, through stem cell re-plantation when she had rigour fits and finally through radiotherapy. In those days, it started with a face mask being cast over one’s face, all designed so that her head was as immobile as possible
  • She pushed and pushed herself, after denying any more treatment until her first niece, Brody was born. She then had a major stroke and I was called to drop everything and fly out to South Africa (where we were supposed to celebrate Christmas with Verity). She died at 5.25 am on the 16th December 2007, with all of her family, except her beloved Verity, her surrogate daughter at her side. I even managed to give her the Christmas present that I had especially made; diamond cluster earrings to match the pendant I had bought her a year before
  • (On my return) I then went into total collapse but my cousin managed to convince me to go to Canada to see her
  • On my return to the UK, envigorated, I started to try and lead my life as best as I could
  • I met Rosanna and we were married within a year
  • One year later, we were divorced and she bled me dry
  • I moved to the Isle of Wight (on 15th November 2015), simply to get away; (I needed the two miles of water expanse as a psychological barrier, between Rosanna and I)
  • But after a few months, in early April, I was arrested on suspicion of abusing my daughter, which was thrown out (by the Police) after me submitting evidence over 3 months
  • My father, having Alzheimer’s and therefore no reasoning, still believes that I have abused her and is illegally trying to destroy me financially.
  • I continue to fight for justice, to fully clear my name and to get my daughter back in my life; I will not stop this quest until (she is back in my life or ) I am dead.
  • I now have no friends on the island (save for Nick) and no family to speak of.
Betty, (my camper van) is very important to me but, as I am so consumed in my quest for justice, nothing is being done and she is being left to rot. (The stables that she was to be housed was two days from completion/conversion but my arrest interrupted that and I never went back)
I am prepared to contribute to the cost but could never contribute everything.
Look at my blog; it tells my whole life story
Regardless of my father’s illness, his actions together with those of Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG are SIMPLY CRIMINAL
With no friends, save for Nick, I have gained strength from three individuals, my late mother, Betty, Liesel, my late partner and William, my cat, to whom I am allergic and it is this strength that has kept me going; a strength that has enabled me to fight on

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