Murdoch Mysteries are so transparent in their female bias

As the title of this article suggests, Murdoch Mysteries is so transparent in that whenever they can, they always put pretty women and pretty girls in the forefront of the story.

Take the “Murdoch of the living dead” episode; they had to place a little girl as the daughter of the father who had been experimented on. And have you noticed, most of the subsidiary actors from the public are always wife beaters? Yes, there have always been some to my disgust but there are no way that many.

Take the episode “The Canadian patient”. Dr Ogden is always on the forefront of just about every episode. She was the coroner, then she had a woman replacement, Dr Grace, then she was back as coroner with a lady assistant. That assistant went on her way for whatever reason, probably because she wanted to extend her career. Then, Dr Ogden happened to be at a medical symposium and right opposite her stall, there was (you guessed it) a woman selling vitamins, who just happened to have medical training of sorts. She then becomes Dr Ogden’s assistant in the morgue.

Cannot people see that wherever there is a possibility of inserting a woman or girl into the cast, they do just that? Are people that blind or blinkered? Do people even care these days? I fucking do and there are a lot who feel the same way, women and men alike!

It is  totally sexist and totally wrong, not against women but against men.

Yes, of course. it is all comical but men are mostly seen as the badies. Those who have been subjected to a woman’s deviousness know that women can be as bad if not worse than men but they just flutter their eye lashes to the Police and get off, such is the attitude of the Police, which I know from first hand.

Of course, there is a sprinkle of bad women in the production, anything else would be too obvious but there is a clear (successful) attempt to reflect the attitudes of a female biased society.

It is just so very shallow.

The producers of the programme are just mere prostitutes of their profession, if you can call it that.

And if the producers of Murdoch Mysteries think I will get bored with exposing them, they have another thing coming.

And if I have not made my point firmly enough, last but not least, in “Dr Osler regrets” Miss Cherry fabricated all of the letters from the supposed killer but she was just let off rather than suffering the fate of imprisonment for obstruction of justice. In fact, she was sacked but , guess what, she was employed by another news agency with better conditions and stays in the cast, if not there all the time.

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