This email to the so called friends of my father is, well, self explanatory

My father
David Hender
Fri 05/04/2019 15:31
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton;
Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
Ron Downhill;
Andrew Lugg (Paicolex Chairman)
Dear ladies and gentleman,
Some or all of you are parents, like me and you would go to the ends of the earth for your children.
Yes, a great deal of my father’s behaviour is down to his illness but certainly not all of it. In the three most awful points in my life, my first divorce from Samantha, the loss of my 39 year old partner to brain cancer and my second divorce from Rosanna, my father was nowhere to be seen.
Yes, he helped finance the second divorce but it was all about money; what I really needed was my parents’ succor. I got it from my mother, when she was alive but not from my father but as soon as there was a mere sniff that my brother’s marriage was in trouble, he went barreling down the M4 to Wiltshire to help sort it out.
That people is favouritism, pure and simple and a lot of what my father now does to me is down to that. An old neighbour once said to me that you should never choose one offspring over another because, if you do, there will be hell to pay for.
I doubt that any of you do that in your personal life and so why do you let a very ill, aggressive and obsessive man do that to one of his sons? Particularly to the son who was ALWAYS BUT ALWAYS THERE FOR HIS PARENTS.
Martin apologised at Mum’s funeral for not being there, Dad told me so but if you ask him now, he will deny that conversation ever happened.
I was there for my darling Mum and I am damned if anyone is going to stop me from being there for my father, despite what he has done to me. 

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