I am sure that all of those who I have been “dealing with” will have a lovely weekend with their families.

But they are all totally oblivious to the damage that they have done to me, my life, my father and, as important, my relationship with my daughter which is non existent; I have not seen her for 5 years. I will, yet again, have another wretched day, which has been continuous for nearly 5 years now.

Every single day is another battle for fairness and justice for me and my Dad

By acting as mere sheep, they have all done so much damage either by the actions that have been taken against me or indeed the inaction of many individuals, all bizarrely supporting my very unbalanced Alzheimer’s suffering father.

So, it is a time for change at both Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG

These people must go before the trust’s operation can be cleaned up:

Lisa Mayhew, Managing Partner, for ignoring every single email of mine, bar one and for ignoring the calamity that is befalling her firm over everyone who has been involved ignoring the fact that my Dad has Alzheimer’s, is totally out of control and continues to use Paicolex like his personal assistants to cause havoc to my life

Andrew Lugg, Chairman of Paicolex, who said that having Alzheimer’s was not a reason for dismissing my father from controlling a £25 Million trust, for continuing to ignore what is happening to me, all thanks to my father, by using the trust as a weapon against me

Ron Downhill – I spent a lot of time with Ron and liked him a great deal but with his continuing refusal to engage with me, approving the illegal set off arrangements and by shielding my father when what was actually needed was professional medical help;  However, I wish him to stay and I will tell you why

Ron is a very clever man, he knows everything that needs to be known about tax and, although I am very angry with him, I respect him and have always liked him. He is younger than my father but “of an age” but they have been friends for many years. I have seen first hand what Alzheimer’s does to a person, it is very sad and breaks your heart. If Ron stops work after all of these years, his brain will slow down and inevitably get a bit lazy. I would never wish Alzheimer’s on anyone and I hope that Ron stays free from the disease but the chances of him getting it will be greatly reduced if he carries on working. The others are all young enough to find other work but, with all due respect to Ron, his age would preclude him from finding other work and god forbid, Alzheimer’s may result. THAT IS THE REASON WHY I DO NOT WANT RON TO GO AND I WOULD NOT WISH WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED ON MY WORST ENEMY

Clare Edwards – She is a UK professional, a fully qualified solicitor but she has not stood up to anyone in fear of losing her over paid job and has acted as a mere puppet. Compare her behaviour to when I discovered the fraud at Premium Credit. I could have said and done nothing but I stood up to dishonesty, walked into my boss’s office and declared that his brother in law, Michael Harold Cobb had committed fraud. The very act of doing that put my whole career and welfare of my daughter on the line. She has to go too 

Gaby KaiserShe is probably THE MOST CULPABLE of them all. She is head of professional risk at Berwin Leighton Paisner and she has continued to give contradictory statements as to what went on with Thomas Meier following my complaint about him. Not only that but she has ignored the fact that one of the firm’s clients is severely suffering from Alzheimer’s and who controls a trust worth millions. My Dad has lost control but if he got any worse and makes an irrational decision, millions would be lost from the trust and then ALL beneficiaries will sue the firm for her inaction and complacency. She must go

My life is in such tatters that I will be suing Berwin Leighton Paisner for compensation


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