It is about time that my father’s professional friends step up to the plate

You all know that my Dad sadly has Alzheimer’s and if you have read my posts, you will know that his condition has made him very aggressive towards me.

The trouble is that there is a wall of silence behind which my father sits, being shielded by all of those who are supposed to care for him, his long standing professional friends and just about most of my family.

I do not know why they do this; whether it is out of pure loyalty, masonic connections or just pure greed; I guess it is a mixture of all three.

But my Dad is really suffering; how much, I can only guess as I am forbidden from seeing him but his instructions that he gives to Paicolex Trust Management seem to suggest that he is now quite ill; I can only imagine what this is doing to his heart.

As for me, I am suffering from heavy stress that has made my psoriasis much worse, so much so that I spend a lot of the night covering myself with lotions and potions, all but one prescribed.

But there is something within me that pushes me on. Yes, I feel sick most of the time; yes, I feel tired most of the time but there is something driving me on. I want my Dad relocated to a suitable home, just like the one that Mum was in and have his influence and that of his lackies (I can think of no other description) cut off from the trust because even if he is cut off, his compatriots will just take over where he left off.

I have now put a message out to the clients of Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG to read the email that I have sent to representatives of both and to ask themselves if they really want people like that, acting for them.

What if those clients became ill with Alzheimer’s. Would they actually act in their client’s best interests or would they act purely for their own?

From their actions so far and inaction also, it is clear that the two businesses are purely acting in their own best interests and are basically saying that ” WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT OUR CLIENTS. HOW MUCH ARE WE MAKING?


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