TO CLIENTS OF Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG – MY DAD’S ALZHEIMER’S

I hope that by reading this, they will start to “smell the coffee” but, if they do not, I will just carry on fighting for my Dad and for myself.

I strongly suggest that clients of Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG reconsider using these two businesses, as if they have no humanity, are they really people who you want to deal with? I would go elsewhere if I was you; I have every intention of doing so once this mess is cleared up

My father’s illness

This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Fri 05/04/2019 10:16
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton;
Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
Andrew Lugg (Paicolex Chairman);
Ron Downhill;
Gaby Kaiser
Dad letter page 1 redacted


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Dear ladies and gentlemen,
You may all have convinced yourselves that my father is fine and that it is me who is “to blame”.
My father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s many years ago following an MRI scan and he told me in the kitchen of Timberchace one day, totally out of the blue. His resulting behaviour, especially in very recent years, has been quite different from that my mother exhibited; she did get angry at times but was mostly very confused and forgetful.
Three years ago, I actually spoke to my father’s old neighbour, Brenda Dilley, who lived just up the road from him in The Warren. She told me that my father had said that his Alzheimer’s was now cured and, if I spoke to her now, she would probably say the same, as she, her late husband and my father were good close friends. God, I wish that was the case.
It is very sad to say but someone who has said that he or she is cured from Alzheimer’s IS DELUSIONAL, it is the disease that is “talking”.
Everybody knows that Alzheimer’s cannot be cured. I really wish it could be the case as my mother would have been saved and the pneumonia that actually killed her could have been dealt with but Mum just gave up. It would have given me a few more years with her. I have come to terms with my beloved Mum’s loss because she was taken whilst there was still some of her there and she was still my Mum.
But, sadly, with my father it is very different. He has become extremely aggressive towards me, an aggression that you probably never see, as he has been friends with you all for so long.
He has become obsessive in his quest to derail me financially; why? I have no idea.
A few years ago, when I was still  talking to my cousin, she could see how unhappy I was on the island and invited me up to see her; I visited many times. Then she called me to say that she had found a run down bungalow in her village and that I could stay with her whilst it was fixed up.
I went up and saw the property and loved it. I contacted Thomas Meier but told him few details because I was protecting my cousin Pat/Lori, as my father had forbade me from seeing her. But, if the trust/my father had agreed to the purchase, I could have wiped out my debt to ASC and had money left over for the refurbishment.
That move was blocked by my father because, with few details given, he would not have been able to control me. This is very similar to the email that he sent to me when he said that he would pay me to leave the UK but wanted all of the information, including where I was going to live. I attach both pages of this letter. Ask yourselves this question; is this letter the writings of a rational man?
I was so desperate to clear my debt and move that I went to the landlord of the local pub, owned and run by a very wealthy man, Calvin Jones. He listened to what I had to say but declined saying that all of his money was tied up and to break the arrangements would have cost far too much. I thanked him and he said that “if you never ask, you do not get”
I really hope that neither you or any of your family members get Alzheimer’s, as you clearly have no understanding of it all. Either that or you are all being pigheaded because it all comes down to money. I have been affected by it twice now but this second time, my very ill and obsessive father is literally trying to destroy me, financially and mentally.
Every single document or piece of information that I have sent is factual but your responses just fly in the face of common sense.
The joke is that if you all clean up your act, nothing will change but, by your continued obsession to toe the line, you are putting the relationship between the trust and you all in grave danger and that will lead to the dismissal of some or all of you.
You are just like my brother, who has continually kept his head in the sand and has ignored what is in front of his face, either because he is an idiot, is scared and does not want to admit it or wants to gain a pecuniary advantage by shielding my father from everything.
Ron, you may consider yourself a friend but, by your inaction, you are clearly no friend of my Dad’s.
Rather than pouring fuel on the fire and making things worse, you should be actually working with me and Martin to help my Dad, not working against me. By carrying on the way that you are, you are breaching not only your legal duty of care to my Dad but also your fiduciary duty of care to him.
You are clearly blind as to his condition and so below is a link to the NHS’s pages on Alzheimer’s; maybe that will open your eyes
This is all causing me a lot of stress and my psoriasis is now “working overtime” and is nearly as bad as during my second divorce. I expect that is what my father is banking on, to break me but despite the pain and discomfort that I am in, I will carry on and achieve what is not only right for my father but is right for me and Martin and that is that the trust is a conduit to being comfortable and happy and that Martin and I are treated fairly rather than being used as a weapon against me.
I am afraid to say that with this disease, my Dad has become a Jekyll and Hyde. When you see him and when Martin sees him, he acts as he used to be but, with me, it is far far different. I keep on saying to myself that it is the disease that is causing all of this and, to a large extent, it certainly is but my father has always had a controlling personality. Quite frankly, I do not know why he is like this, as it was me who cared for Mum when she was at home and cared for Dad too when he had heart issues at the same time. I have always been there for both of them, as compared to Martin, but that has made no difference whatsoever.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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