Murdoch Mysteries – IT MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT

I have written about the gender bias in Murdoch Mysteries in that all of the women “found guilty” are somehow saved and I have just watched two episodes that stress that point.

In “CLOUD OF DOOM” there was an elaborate hoax to rescue a murderess  from the noose. The hoax was foiled but at the end, it was stated by “she who can do no wrong” Julia Ogden that the woman who murdered her mother had been badly treated and that was the result of the crime that she committed.

So, at the end goody two shoes Murdoch and his wife go off to save this woman from being hung. But there is never any excuse for the men who murder as they could have been abused too. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE WOMEN. This is entirely done on purpose.

Then there was the episode “Ghost of Queen’s Park” where a daughter had taken revenge for the incarceration of her mother; men had died as a result.

She should have been hung but it was just at the end that it was found that this so called ghost had poisoned herself with Radium (to make her look like a ghost) and she was dying and would thus escape the noose.

It really makes me sick that such a cult programme uses the sexuality of women to sell their series and that these women always get off scot free.

I now have to turn my attention to the on-going debacle concerning the trust and my father. It is become draining but I will succeed

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