Berwin Leighton Paisner, Paicolex Trust Management AG and my father

What is below is self explanatory. I was not going to post this but they have just not seen sense.

This is all about my father’s illness, nothing less, nothing more and just as importantly,

BERWIN LEIGHTON PAISNER AND PAICOLEX TRUST MANAGEMENT AG  are so obsessed with money that they do not even care about their clients


This message was sent with High importance.
You forwarded this message on Mon 01/04/2019 14:26
David Hender
Mon 01/04/2019 12:16
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton;
Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
Andrew Lugg (Paicolex Chairman);
Ron Downhill
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I STRONGLY URGE you all to read what I am about to say very carefully; in fact, I beg you to.
You all know that my father suffers from Alzheimer’s. How badly he actually is, is a point of issue as I have been prevented from seeing him for a number of years now.
It has recently come to my attention that he may be being manipulated, not for his own ends but for Martin and Alison’s. Let me explain.
Whilst this is pure supposition, I fear that my father may have abused Verity and her cousins. The Police threw out the allegations against me, as you know, but I am still worried about the three of them.
Last week, I emailed Alison, only, to raise my concerns over her two children. Any parent worth their salt would have been instantly concerned but very surprisingly, I received no emails or calls from Alison; that seemed a very strange reaction for a mother to make, whether my worries are true or not.
Alison’s inaction then got me thinking and please bear with me, as this is very important.
What if Martin and Alison are jointly conspiring, using my ill Dad as a tool. Due to his illness, he would be very susceptible to suggestion and it may be that Martin and Alison are actually controlling my ill father, for their own financial ends. Ron and Andrew will know very well that an awful lot of money has gone Martin’s way, not far off £2m and that he has not only received far more in dividends than I have but received £1.25m in advanced inheritance.
My Dad has always favoured Martin, that is a fact and Martin may have used this favouritism to manipulate my Dad and your client, to his and Alison’s ends.
For all I know, it has been Martin who has sent me all of those emails, purporting to be my Dad, preventing me from seeing my Dad and it may have been Martin who manipulated Dad who then manipulated Verity to accuse me of those awful crimes.
Can I ask you to ask yourselves this question; when was the last time that any of you actually saw my father in the flesh or spoke to him on the phone? ​There is no doubt that he would have periods of lucidity and this must be borne in mind.
It may be that Martin has played ALL OF USIt would be very handy for him if I spent all of my time having a go at you all and my Dad.
The many issues that I have discussed need to be resolved but the MOST IMPORTANT matter to resolve is my father. If you believe that what I have said has some mileage and, especially as there is strong loyalty between BLP and my Dad, then we all need to take action to actually protect my Dad.
If Dad is quite unwell, then the most obvious thing to do would be to enact the joint powers of attorney that Martin and I hold. I have suggested it to Martin but he has remained silent. Why? Because in the provision of the joint powers of attorney, my powers would be to look after my father’s financial matters. If you would like me to scan and email my power of attorney, I will readily do so that you can all see what I am saying is true, especially Ron, his long standing friend.
I admit that I have been particularly unpleasant to all of you and for that I am dreadfully sorry; all I was doing was trying to protect my interests but I was played, just as you all have.
If you believe that what I am saying has some merit, then I suggest that all dividend payments are put on hold and that you invite me up to London to speak to any of you AT THE EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY. I ASSURE YOU THAT THERE WILL BE NO ANIMOSITY OR YOU CAN THROW ME OUT
I repeat what I said earlier; I have a lot of issues to resolve but the most important issue IS my father, as was my late mother; nothing else mattered.
I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest opportunity
I have copied in Verity as she dearly loves her granddad and will be worried about him.
Thank you for listening
Kind regards
A COPY OF THIS EMAIL WILL NOT GO ON MY BLOG (Obviously now rescinded)

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