The messages to Lisa Mayhew

This may sound boring to some but the emails are self explanatory and VERY DAMNING

FW: Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex
David Hender
Fri 15/03/2019 09:58
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton;
Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
Ron Downhill

From: David Hender
Sent: 15 March 2019 09:57
To: Thomas Meier (TEM Consulting)
Subject: Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex

Dear Thomas,
Through all of our dealings, I have always come to the conclusion that you were a fair and decent man; I like you a great deal.
Although BLP have denied that your departure was as a result of my complaint, I know that to be untrue.
Sadly, you were put under great pressure by both BLP, Paicolex and my father to toe the line with regards to my father’s unreasonable demands of wishing to “pave my brother’s road with gold” whilst, at the same time, putting up barrier after barrier to enable me to have a better life.
Given that no one was prepared to reason with me, I had no other choice but to do what I did and to save both BLP’s and Paicolex’s face, there had to be a “fall guy” and that was sadly you. I am genuinely sorry for what I was forced to do because, if you had been free from outside influences, your attitude to me would have been completely different and the trust would have been run in a proper fashion but that sadly has not happened.
Quite frankly Thomas, I have had enough and so I am reporting the activities that pertain to me to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which will make the positions of Lisa Mayhew and Ron Downhill untenable. I know that Ron is your friend but I have been given no choice.
I have uncovered the following:
  1. Proof that although BLP and Paicolex knew my father had Alzheimer’s, they refused to remove him from his post as UK representative
  2. Proof that my brother, Martin, was paid significantly more than me; I have two years of accounts to prove it
  3. Proof that my father has committed perjury by swearing under oath that both sons would be treated equally
  4. Proof that you committed perjury by swearing under oath that the settlement was totally independent of outside influences, a sworn statement that was patently untrue.
  5. Proof that my brother was lent monies with little or no security to purchase his new home in Bath. This led to my complaint to Lisa Mayhew and Andrew Lugg, which led to your “retirement”
  6. And much more
What I have always wanted is fairness within the settlement with the trustees being free from being forced to make awkward decision, with my father’s current and future welfare being planned for, without everyone’s head being seemingly in the sand, save for me and my father’s removal from his self elected post as UK representative for the trust, with no replacement, if any, being connected to him, such as John Marriott. I have also sought your reinstatement as I believe that if all external influences could be removed, you would act honestly and fairly with respect t the beneficiaries.
That now not being the case, I sadly have been given no other choice but to report all relevant parties to the SRA and the Law Society with a submission on the tax evasion that “created” the trust being sent to HMRC.
I believe that you know me very well Thomas. I have always acted in the most professional attitude with regards to my financial obligations and you know that I have a very strong moral code of ethics.
If BLP and Paicolex will not listen to reason, then I have no choice but to attempt to break up the trust and take down high ranking members of BLP and Paicolex with it.
You may know of the false allegations of sexual abuse of my daughter that were levied at me. These allegations were rapidly thrown out by the Police but those false accusers have got away scot free. As part of my code, this is not justice and I now know that the allegations were a “put up job” and the attempted bribery to force me to leave the country was just the end of the line. I know that there has been complicity within my family, for the benefit of financial gain and I will not rest until all of those responsible are taken down, especially my daughter and my father and I do not care whether his actions were as a result of favouritism or his Alzheimer’s; it no longer matters to me which.
Formal complaint against Ms Clare Edwards and Mr Andrew Lugg
You forwarded this message on Sat 16/03/2019 11:20
David Hender
Sat 16/03/2019 11:16
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton
Dated pages – Loan with ASC signed by DJH 28th October 2015_0001.pdf
593 KB
DH_23.1.2018 statement.pdf
257 KB
Letter from Paicolex dated 6th November 2018.pdf
828 KB
Letter from Paicolex dated 15th March 2019.pdf
549 KB
Vendcrown annual return as at 27th April 2003.pdf
299 KB
Vendcrown annual return as at 24th April 2004 sale on 27th January 2004.pdf
316 KB
Complaint email Lugg to Hender and back dated 16th November 2017.docx
24 KB

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Dear Mrs Mayhew,
It has to come to something that one has to formally complain against two trust officers who are employed by the corporate trustee, Paicolex Trust Management AG, the trustee of the Hender family settlement.
I hereby give formal notice of my complaint against Miss Clare Edwards and Mr Andrew Lugg, both of Paicolex Trust Management AG
These two trustees have shown blatant regard to the truth and are acting as mere puppets for my father, Bill Hender, so that he may employ yet more financial harm on me.
What my father is doing is to try and convince the trust officers, if that needs doing, that personal amounts due to my father and repayable on his death by way of set off from my inheritance, are actually due to the trust/Adriatic Sea Corporation.
In Lugg’s letter of 6th November 2018, he stated that amounts due to the trust/ASC related to a bridging loan for the purchase of Long Barn. I pointed out to him that the funds that were vested in Adriatic Sea Corporation were nil at the time of purchase of Long Barn because Premium Credit/Vendcrown had not even been sold and therefore, it would have been impossible for ASC to lend me any money.
I emailed Miss Edwards on the 6th March asking her two things; to confirm what my dividend will be for the forthcoming tax year and to seek a loan from the trust/ASC to move off the isle of wight and back to the mainland. I was promised a response on these matters by the 15th March 2019.
I have indeed received a letter on 15th March 2019 from Paicolex but the two matters that I have mentioned above were not addressed. Instead, I received a rehash of the previous letter from Mr Lugg, effectively moving the goal posts and dates of occurrences of non existent transactions, to now encompass the loan that was taken out by me and granted by ASC for the purposes of:
  • The purchase of a new home on the isle of wight
  • The settlement of legal fees due to TWM Solicitors
  • The settlement of the the amount that was awarded to my ex wife, Rosanna Hender plus her legal fees
  • The settlement of the joint mortgage on 1, Nepcote House
  • The settlement of miscellaneous fees amounting to £1,200
I even checked the timings of the various payments with Mr Samson of TWM Solicitors in order that I could calculate the interest owed to the exact number of days.
I attach the following:
  • Signed and dated scanned page of the loan agreement relating to the amounts owed to ASC, sent to Anita Rauser. This loan agreement was prepared by Berwin Leighton Paisner and signed and dated on 28th October 2015, with the hard copy being sent to Switzerland. I even initialed every single page.
Being a Chartered Accountant, I constructed a detailed spreadsheet to calculate every single pound of interest; Thomas Meier and the trust officers were fair with me and I wanted to be fair with them. Thomas Meier checked this to the agreement and confirmed it all to be correct. Every payment was made like clockwork and Thomas and I worked well together.
But, everything changed following his departure from Paicolex. Suddenly, mysterious statements were sent to me with revised amounts due. The first one was sent on the 23rd January 2018 by Miss Edwards. It clearly showed that there was an amount due regarding Long Barn. I attach both the part of the spurious statement, the full letter and statement and the screen grab of her email with the spurious entries beside it.
As you may not have been fully aware of the sale of Vendcrown as you have so many other responsibilities, I attach two annual returns of Vendcrown, the holding company of Premium Credit, for 27th April 2003 and 24th April 2004. The latter statement shows that the company was not sold until 27th January 2004 and therefore Adriatic Sea Corporation would not have been in funds for the purchase of Long Barn. Indeed, the purchase was funded by a mortgage, cash and a loan from my father.
All of this behaviour is symptomatic of my father’s acrimony towards me and, of course, his Alzheimer’s, although he exhibits quite dangerous periods of clarity.
On the 16th November 2017, I had yet another email exchange with Mr Lugg, predominantly to do with my father’s illness. He later sent me an email stating that “your father’s Alzheimer’s does not preclude him from remaining as the UK representative of the Hender Family Settlement” 
Let me ask you this question. Very sad as it is, would you have a partner who suffers from Alzheimer’s as badly as my father does, remain a partner? Of course you would not as your professional indemnity insurers would not permit that.
When we were still at Barclays Wealth and I received that call from James Penny, if I had said to him that he was exhibiting irrational behaviour and was extremely forgetful, James Penny would have started making arrangements for the removal of my father’s authorisation for all banking matters and would have contacted Thomas Meier to advise that a replacement should be found quickly.
By ignoring the issues pertaining to my father’s illness, both Clare Edwards and Andrew Lugg have put the security of the Hender Family Settlement and its assets in jeopardy. They have thus purposely failed in their duties of care to protect the assets of the trust and have failed in their fiduciary duties of care to the beneficiaries, of which I am one.
Such is their gross level of misconduct and lack of professionalism that they should both be removed from office forthwith together with the corporate trustee, Paicolex Trust Management AG removing the authority of my father, William Thomas Hender, to act as the UK representative of the trust and that the trust officers should take all decisions with regard to the settlement, without any external influence, for the time being without any UK representative replacement, as any replacement is bound to be connected to my father in some way, shape or form and continue to carry out my father’s wishes to make my life as difficult as possible whilst, at the same time, ensuring that my brother’s life is “decorated with gold”.
In addition, I suggest that Thomas Meier be asked to act as a consultant trust officer for the time being. Given the nature of what has happened, I really trust Thomas and if he is left without the external influence of my father, I will have nothing to worry about and will abide by any decisions that he may make, as long as I am treated fairly and I have not.
Even the trust accounts show that my brother received an extra £595,000 over two years, in addition to his normal annual dividend of £300,000 for two years and that discounts all of the favourable treatment that he was given with respect to unsecured loans, no doubt demanded by my father, whereas I have paid 2.5% on a loan in excess of a million with 150% security.
If the above is carried out swiftly, I will then have no objection to sitting down to discuss the future of the settlement with either you, Ron Downhill or any other suitable person and there will be no need to send the letter that I am finishing to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, as it was the combined inaction of BLP and Paicolex that forced me to do so in the first place.
Mrs Mayhew, you cannot ignore this, even in a position as lofty as yours.
All I have always wanted was equity with my brother but, as I have mentioned above, there has been no such equity and I want FULL RETROSPECTIVE PARITY with Martin.
If not, I will just carry on embarrassing BLP and Paicolex together with removing some scalps and resending the letter to HMRC, with much fuller details, regarding the tax evasion that occurred when Vendcrown was sold in 2004.
Given the nature of this email, I would please like a response to confirm safe receipt by email. If no response is forthcoming, then I will send this email in the form of a letter, to be delivered by courier to be received by you personally.
Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.
Just a thought
David Hender
Sat 16/03/2019 13:31
Dear Lisa,
Would you stand by and let your son or daughter be destroyed by your husband in favour of your other son or daughter? I do not know you from Adam but you maybe a mother and, if so, would you let this carry on? I doubt it very much. Sadly, I no longer have a mother to control my father and Mum’s passing was when the change really started.
If you would not, how can you let one of your clients do the same? For what? Money? You would be a damn hypocrite from a pure humanity point of view. But you will receive the same income, if it just comes down to brass tacks. i want it back to the way it was, it is as simple as that.
After my father bribed my daughter to accuse me of abuse, accusations that were thrown out by the Police, I have fought hard to get my daughter back; nothing else really matters but I would like my old life back again. Lisa, you cannot imagine for one moment, what I have been through and have been put through
I have no interest in upsetting the apple cart. I just need urgent changes made but the parity is the last of my worries.
I just want my life back, nothing more, nothing less but I will fight for what I deserve but most importantly, what is right
With kindest regards
Man hours
David Hender
Sat 16/03/2019 16:53
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton
As a senior audit manager, I was allowed a certain number of non chargeable or admin hours and I am sure that you are allowed the same.
But how many man hours has all of this taken, for absolutely no reason at all and no benefit whatsoever to either BLP or Paicolex?I wager a great many  non productive hours are being spent on the defence of my “campaign”.
For what are these hours being spent? To defend the non defensible so that I cannot derive the same benefits from the trust as my brother does? I do not want interest free loans but I do want to be remunerated in the same way with the same amount. He came back from Australia already a rich man, far richer than I could ever be but god luck to him; he was a great salesman. But after my mother died, he was favoured with more and more.
Let us forget about how the trust actually started. My father set it up to benefit both sons and our issue but, due to his acrimony and illness, that is not happening and I have to wonder if I am really his son but rather was adopted. That is a horrendous feeling to experience, such is the inequity going on in the trust.
My father has openly confessed that he is obsessed with money and with money comes power and influence and he is using both of these to crush me and I do not say that lightly.
He IS my father and I love him but I cannot just sit back and watch my life be more destroyed. I say more because he bribed my first wife and my daughter’s mother to convince her child to accuse me of the worst thing imaginable for a father; sexual abuse.
If you have cared to read any of my blog, it is wash with posts about the injustice that I have suffered at the hands of my father. I know that my father is a mason as is my brother and possibly Ron too and that is why he achieves undying loyalty from those around him, including some of your London partners, I am sure, for one purpose and one purpose only; to benefit my brother and to crush me. I really do not know why as it was me and only me who looked after my sick mother and father when he was sick. Even when he was in hospital, I was taking his post to him daily and he discovered that due to him being away, he had gone overdrawn; for the first time EVER. AS soon as I got home, I transferred everything that I had to the maximum of my overdraft to put him in funds. That is what I did and I am proud of it as he is my Dad, even though he has done many questionable things in his life but I still love him.
No son wants “repaying” for what he has done for his parents but to actively go after me as though I am a pariah is just plain wrong. We have always disagreed as we have different moral codes and that is why the acrimony has built up over time. Add to that the effects of Alzheimer’s and you effectively have  man out of control. This out of control man is being actively supported by BLP and Paicolex staff. I keep on having to ask myself the question, why? When Mum had Alzheimer’s she was a sweet and gentle person but very forgetful. She lost hope and died from pneumonia which was a blessing because just before she passed, I still had my Mum.
But, when it comes to my father, I simply do not recognise him anymore; he is not the father that I loved.
Lisa, from one human being to another, please intervene as I have been doing this all on my own for so long. This is not good business, it is bad business. Although it will take many hours to travel to London, I am still prepared to meet with you if you are willing. Quite frankly, I want my life back or some of it at least. It is not about winning or losing but fairness. We both know that the world is not fair but surely, it should be fair within a family trust and that is all I ask.
Thank you for your time
And finally
David Hender
Sat 16/03/2019 17:00
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton
I may have come to some wrong conclusions as to certain people and for that I am very sorry; I will say so publicly on my blog if necessary.
But I do know the “players” in all of this and I have naturally assumed that all were at fault and I recognise that this may not be the case but there are people who are carrying out my father’s instructions; that I do know, Andrew Lugg being one of them. After all, he dismissed my concerns as to my father’s Alzheimer’s as fanciful.
With kind regards,
Thank you
David Hender
Sat 16/03/2019 18:35
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton
I can see from my blog as to how many people view my site and there has been a marked jump today.
I suspect that may be you, as a result of the emails that I have sent you today and, if so, thank you for trying to understand what I have been through and what I am going through every single day and night.
With kindest regards
May I please ask you to read these posts; it will better help you to understand what I am going through
David Hender
Sun 17/03/2019 09:39
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton
All of this
David Hender
Sun 17/03/2019 13:43
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton
If you have bothered to read my blog and understand what I have been through, you will understand why I asked for significant compensation.
I made everyone well aware of what had happened and what was going on but none of you, including yourself, did anything about it.
My life was taken away and I want my life back and though I do not go with this compensation culture, you are all guilty in Berwin Leighton Paisner AND  Paicolex Trust Management AG.
If you want me to publish every single email that I have, then go ahead and ignore me but your firm will be forever tarnished and I expect that Bryan Cave will demerge with you.
A personal but very public message to you

You forwarded this message on Sun 17/03/2019 13:48
David Hender
Sun 17/03/2019 13:47
Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton

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