The complicity of Alison Hender and Martin Hender

I have sent some emails to Alison saying that I was very concerned that my father had sexually abused her two girls as well as my Verity.

Very surprisingly, I have received no response. One would have thought that with such an horrendous issue, she would email me back straight away to say “yes, I suspect something” or “no David, you are being ridiculous” but absolutely nothing.

Any parent reading this would come to the same conclusion that I have come to and that is that she is being totally complicit with Martin, my so called brother.

This has led me to think that they may be behind all of this. The emails from my father may have actually come from them and that they have manipulated my father, with his worsening Alzheimer’s, to feather their nest.

They could manipulate my father and my father could manipulate my daughter.

I just wonder if my father is still alive and that instructions from my father have actually been from Martin and Alison. That would make a great deal of sense, especially given Alison’s inaction with regard to my claim of abuse.

I know that Martin is devious and that Alison is devious too, keeping her £600,000 or so in compensation ring fenced whilst using all of Martin’s money to have a lavish lifestyle. She has always portrayed herself as being penny pinching but not only are these types of people the best at deception, as my father has clearly illustrated, but they are very MONEY ORIENTATED indeed and will go to any lengths, to get what they desire.

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