Martin Hender and my father

I am still deciding as to whether I am going to post the emails that I recently sent to Martin regarding my father but whilst I was tossing and turning in bed, just now, something started to bug me.


He spent inordinate amounts of time down there and always slept in the annex, which was self contained but attached to the house.

Why did he all of a sudden not stay there anymore but moved to stay a mile up the road in a bed and breakfast?

That seems very strange to me, especially when he does not like spending money, even though he has millions of it.

I suspect that both Martin and his wife knew that my father was abusing their two girls, spoke to him about it, got paid off and moved “up the road” so that the girls could be safe.

If that had been me, I would have been reticent to do so but would have reported him to the Police, as he would damn well deserve everything that he got and no amount of money would have dissuaded me from doing so.

I have talked about Verity’s relationship with my father, they were as thick as thieves but after Verity and I had returned from a holiday in South Africa, the relationship between Verity and my father started to change. This holiday is very pertinent as Verity came to me in the early morning and said that she had bled on the sheets; her “time” had come and I can recall her in the shower room with me hearing the sobbing through the door.

It would have been good if her mother was there or at least a lady but there was neither and I asked Liesel’s younger brother to take me to a pharmacist so that I could buy her some tampons. I asked Verity to come with me but she was too scared and so I did it all on my own. I am very surprised that her mother had not bought her some “just in case” before the trip but that was Sam for you, non maternal.

Yes, there was the shielding of my father by everyone but I think that it goes much deeper than that. I strongly believe that my father abused my daughter and then moved onto her cousins.

After all, it “went in the family”. My cousin, Pat told me that she was abused by her and my grandfather but her mother slapped her for saying such things and I am sure that my grandmother, Violet, just turned a blind eye.

So, it all starts to make sense now. 

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