Verity’s law career

When Verity and I talked about what she wanted to do, she said that she wanted to go into family law.

I must say that this took me back, given the horrendous divorce that I had been through that nearly made me bankrupt and, if it had not been for a massive loan from the trust, which crippled me financially in the interest that I had to pay I would not only have been homeless but bankrupt.

But when I questioned Verity’s choice of career, she said that she wanted to “make a difference”; a fine stance to take indeed. Whether it was due to the injustices that were done to me, I will never know.

The internet is everywhere and we should not be naive to think that matters can be kept to oneself.

In this blog, I have stated my case, clearly and hopefully concisely but what Verity needs to understand that potential up and coming lawyers will have their histories verified, as the last thing that the Law Society and the legal profession want is scandal.

But what has gone on with me is a scandal in itself. Interview DVDs disappearing, cars in which I was supposed to have abused Verity unchecked and the constant dismissal of my complaints against every police officer involved.

Of course, Verity will not have been involved in any of that but it was she who went to Guildford Police Station and made a formal allegation of abuse against me, an allegation, though false, that has destroyed my life.

The legal profession will take note of all of this and it is highly likely that Verity will never achieve what she dreamed of achieving, because of the many lies that she ushered to the Police to get me put away in prison.

I can speculate but I do not know what Verity’s drive was but her lies, deceipt and actions, unless rescinded, will forever be a tarnish on her career, before it has even started.

When qualified, how can Verity expect to represent her clients, when she has lied to the Police herself?


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