All of what has happened has been like putting a jigsaw together and I believe that I have now fitted all of the pieces together.

Here is why:

POLICE CORRUPTION. With my father’s masonic links to the police (it is a well known fact that a lot of police officers are masons), he set about having me put in prison for a crime that I never committed. This is evidenced by three simple facts:

  • The Police never searched my car, in which I was supposed to have committed those disgusting crimes
  • The Police were never granted a section 8 PACE warrant to search my house and grounds. The search that was undertaken when I was incarcerated in a Police cell was actually TOTALLY ILLEGAL
  • The interview DVD of my interrogation “went missing

FINANCIAL CORRUPTION: My father was complicit with both Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG to deny me my full rights to the same income as my brother

FAMILY CORRUPTION; Every single one of my family became complicit with my father to not only shield him from me but also to continually to provide untruths as the the false allegations against me, in lieu of financial incentives

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