I do not know what Verity wants

Does Verity want me to come to her university and scoop her up and say that everything will be fine?

Or if, at the first sight of me, she will just freak out and call the Police? If that happens, my feet would not touch the floor and I would be in prison before I could say “Jack Rabbit”.

The trouble is that I know that Verity is in pain and is confused but because she will not even break the silence, I really do not know what she wants.

Does she want me to fuck off and exit her life for good or does she want her Dad to try and make it all better, as I have done so many times before.

I have so much on my plate and I am juggling five balls in the air and I am not even a juggler. Literally no one will help me, not even my friend and ex therapist Wendy.

I do not know why Wendy has put up so many barriers to help me reconnect with Verity or even Martin. Is she trying to force me to have a total breakdown? I can see absolutely no other reason.

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