Why I can never trust a woman again

Even if I get into another relationship, which I doubt, I would never trust any woman again. Why?

Because even Liesel fell in love with me so that I could look after her, even though, with no prompting, I wanted to care and love her

Because, even my darling daughter, Verity, genuinely loved me when she was younger but worked out, as she got older, that she could “play me” and get what she wanted and then when she became disinterested, using me as a “weapon” to destroy my life

Because, my cousin Pat or Lori, took me in and we rekindled our friendship. She knew exactly how I felt about her and she used that to her advantage but asking me to come up when she was ill, manipulating me to “feel at home” and I wanted to care for her in any way that I could, even to the point of suggesting that I should move up to be close to her. She lulled me into a sense of false security and so I wanted to do the best by her so I spent money on things for her home and spent a fortune on a new garage door for her so that her dogs were safe.

Even my first and second wives manipulated me. I loved them both but they used me to get what they wanted and then ditched me to get much more through the process of divorce.

The first, Verity’s mother, knew exactly how much I loved Verity and knew I would do anything for her. Even though she had full custody and was with Verity most of the time, when I had Verity, I was suddenly asked to do this and that for my little girl, because her mother “had not had time”. I fell for it and what utter cobblers. Even when Verity had an ingroing toenail, I had to take Verity to the first and every appointment because Sam was “too busy” and of course, I paid out more money, over and above the very large maintenance that I had to pay. Sam really took me for a “kipper”, a mug if you will, as a father will do ANYTHING for his child, boy or girl, no matter what has come before.

That is every single father.

Even if a Dad has been prevented from seeing his child for months or years, he will still do anything and everything for his offspring, even if he knows that he has been shafted in the past.

When a child is born, the woman knows that she OWNS the father, regardless of what happens in the future and will endeavour to bleed him dry and when that has happened, find a patsy, through her womanly wiles, to carry on the mantle, just as that shithead Stuart has done for my girl.

A woman knows that if she has a man’s child and they are separated, they will continue to use that innocent child as a pawn for the rest of that child’s life until he or she reached maturity and whilst that is happening, that woman will extract as much from the father as possible and after maturity, will manipulate that child in a way to punish the father.

I do not want anymore children; I have my Verity and she is perfect. I will never be involved with a woman again who has children because her first loyalties will always be to her biological children, as was clearly displayed in my so called marriage to Rosanna and the divorce that followed, with her children, not mine being used as a weapon against me.

If I am given the chance, I will socialise with women and even sleep with them but they will never ever get that close to me again.

Rest assured though that when my time does come, I will relish the opportunity to be with Liesel again because, whatever her reasons, she loved me and I loved her. 

I had reasons too, as I wanted to care for someone that I loved. That gave me purpose, as it did for my mother and father.


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