Let us look at what I have been saying all along a different way.

I said that my father did not come to my aid when my two marriages were breaking up but shot down the M4 when my brother’s was on the rocks.

I said that it was favouritism but maybe it was not that simple. Maybe it was because my father knew that I was strong enough to deal with it but that Martin was very weak and he knew that he would need his father’s help.

Dad always went chasing after Martin when he was at uni but never worried about me. Maybe, he knew that I could “cut the mustard” but that Martin could not.

It does not explain why my father went after me in later life but maybe it was because my father was REALLY SCARED and wanted to blame someone. He could not, because of his ego, admit that he was scared so he just went after me.

And maybe, just maybe, that was why in his delusional mind that he set me up for a fall with the false Verity allegations and later, tried to bribe me to leave the country.

Because he knew that I was actually much stronger than he was and knowing my father, that would have seriously pissed him off.

Just a thought

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